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14 Aussie Summer Traits That Should Be Part Of Our Yearly Habits TBH

Why should a cheeky afternoon sesh be limited to the warm months?

1. Summer Fridays.

2. Having sunset cocktails.

3. Wearing sunscreen every day.

4. An impromptu afternoon sesh.

5. Having mangoes for dinner.

6. Random festivals.

7. Eating fresh ham sangas.

8. Reading two pages of a book at the beach or park.

9. Picking frangipanis off the pavement.

10. Backyard barbecues.

11. Experimenting with new drinks.

12. Aimlessly wandering around the shops.

13. Living off frozen drinks and ice creams on-the-go.

14. And finally, beach picnics.

Don't let yourself be limited by the season! Do whatever feels good year round and keep those summer vibes going by picking up a pack of Malibu Piña Coladas today.

Always drink responsibly. 18+ only.