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12 Fun Ways To Add Color To Your Natural Hair Without Dying It

Let your freak fro fly!

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1. Go platinum with these single braids

2. Find out if blonds actually have more fun with these fake dreads

4. Try out some yarn twists for when you're feeling blue

5. Become a silver fox with these crochet braids

6. Yarn? Twists? Locs? Braids? Have one of Everything!

A natural girl smorgasbord!

7. Or try this purple crocheted mane:

8. Or these multi-colored mermaid Havana twists:

9. There's nothing wrong with a full weave

***As long as it is installed carefully and correctly by someone who understands natural hair and is dedicated to protecting your real locks.

10. Make your friends green with envy in some box braids

11. Or rep your favorite sports team with your loc extensions


12. Be pretty in pink with a crochet wig

You'll never forget to wear pink on Wednesday again!

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