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Penis Envy: The Truth Behind Stuffing

Three friends discuss the psychological motivations for men stuffing their crotches. Why do men want to look bigger? What is the truth behind penis envy? Experience this comedic peek into the male psyche!

Maladjusted 7 years ago

31 Annoying Things Star Trek Fans Say

Being a Trekkie (not a Trekker) is hard, but not as hard as being friends with a Trekkie. Here are 31 Annoying Things Star Trek fans say.

Maladjusted 7 years ago

6 Words That Died In 2012

After some time, if a word stops being used, it dies. Here now are 6 words that died in 2012. So honor their memory, you illiterate bastards.

Maladjusted 7 years ago