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    10+1 Olive Oil Recipes We All Live For

    Salads, appetizers, mains and desserts. The more you eat the better you feel! (That's what my grandma says)

    1. Mediterranean potato salad

    2. Classic Greek Salad (Horiatiki)

    3. Garlicky Hummus with Olive Oil Crackers

    4. Greek Potatoes

    5. Ratatouille

    6. Spicy Cajun Shrimp Pasta

    7. Bacon Wrapped Turkey Roll With Olive Oil & Lemon Dressing

    8. Honey Lime Salmon

    9. Cauliflower Fennel Miso Soup with Almonds and Lime Oil

    10. Olive oil ice cream sundaes.

    11. Gluten Free Chocolate Olive Oil Cake