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    • makokwanem

      Voices in her head! sounds like MK Ultra programmer who usually claims to be God and instruct their monarch slaves(your sibling) to do evil to their loved ones. If you start avoiding her and “don’t ever want to be alone with her again”, you are the one other people will misdiagnose as suffering from Schizophrenia, because she’s only instructed to harm you when is only two of you together. Regardless of what people may, your safety is in your hands, look after yourself. I’m sure She’ll never make an attempt on you if there’s a third person, and your only witness is to set up hidden CCTV cameras. MK Ultra programmers have access to monarch slaves memories and vision, and they may also have access to your memories even though they don’t control you like they do to your sibling. Their goal is recruit you into the program as well.

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