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  • Flowchart: Should You Upload A New Facebook Profile Photo?

    In the spur of the moment, you can’t think straight. You’re staring at the ridiculously funny photo you’ve just taken with your phone at a party. It’s hilarious. A friend suggests uploading it to Facebook as your profile photo. In the spur of the moment, you can’t think straight. Good idea, you say. No matter how easy-going you are, embarrassing images never make good Facebook profile photos. To save yourself the shame, study this flowchart before you upload your next profile photo.

  • 15 Cubeecraft Paper Toy Models You Will Want To Make!

    f you’re a geek who loves papercraft but hate messing around with glue, then you’ll definitely find these Cubeecraft paper toy projects exciting. Cubeecraft papercraft toy models use interlocking tab designs and eliminate the need for any adhesives. They’re really easy to make — all you need are some thick A4 paper, access to a colour printer, a scissors and a hobby knife. Download the templates you want, print, cut, fold and enjoy!

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