Dec 2016
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    makeupzoe commented on How Do You Actually Pack Light For Vacation?

    When you fly in an airplane you are allowed a carry-on bag in which I always put my books, sunglasses and other accessories that take up room in my suitcase. You are allowed 100 ml of liquid on a flight so I always put my favorite lotions and cleansers in mini bottles and bring them… 


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    makeupzoe commented on What Celebrity Fact Totally Blew Your Mind?

    1) Will Smith's first name is actually Willard and not William 2) Leighton Meester was born while her mother was serving time in prison, due to her being part of a drug ring which smuggled marijuana from Jamaica to the United States


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    makeupzoe commented on Have You Ever Had A Creepy Premonition?

    I am very close to my best friend and one day when leaving school, she told me she would take a different bus than usual because she needed to buy something for her mom. While I was on my bus, she called me and frantically asked me to get off my bus. I got off and asked her why she… 


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    makeupzoe commented on What Is The Best Lipstick You Bought In 2016?

    The NYX lingerie liquid lipsticks are the BEST thing ever. They last forever, have so much coverage, the colors are beautiful, you can't feel a thing on your lips and best of all they do not chap your lips at all. They are all less then 10 dollars too. By far my favorite lipsticks… 


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