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11 Vintage Hairstyles Anyone Can Pull Off

If anyone can work the "Down-to-Earth Marie Antoinette," it's you.

1. Get your '60s on with this mod bun:

2. Say bonjour to the classic French twist.

Learn how to twist like a champ here.

3. Twist yourself into something fresh with a '20s undercurl.

Fake short hair like a pro with this tutorial.

4. Flip that big hair, if you don't care.

5. Try a glamorous chignon that looks WAY more difficult than it is.

6. Channel your inner hippy with this far-out 'do.

Get the full tutorial here and don't forget that flower-child natural texture.

7. Try a romantic Victorian 'do.

8. ATTENTION SHORT-HAIRED LADIES! Get wild and rock a Gatsby wave.

If you can draw an "S," you can create this look. Bootleg hooch comes separately.

9. Celebrate the Reagan Era with your totally rad side pony.

10. Work your Medieval Times fierceness.

This look is super simple. Check out the full tutorial here.

11. And a classic — the Farrah!