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7 Reasons Why Haad Salad Is Koh Phangan's Best Kept Secret

It’s no secret that Koh Phangan is a mecca for party hungry backpackers, with the Full Moon Party being one of the Islands biggest draws. But did you know that you can combine your Full Moon Party (or half moon, or black moon) experience with a stay on your own *practically* private beach? Here’s 7 reasons why Haad Salad is Koh Phangan’s Best Kept Secret

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1. It is at the opposite end of the Island to the Full Moon Party … but you can still get there!

Located in the North West of the Island and approximately 40 minutes by island taxi (open backed pick up truck!) Haad Salad is the perfect place to escape the bustle of Haad Rin. Taxi’s run all evening and through to the early hours of the morning and can cost as little as 250TBH return.

2. The Beach Is To Die For – and you don’t have to share!

Haad Salad translates as the ‘pirate beach,’ so called because the shallow waters and secluded cove made it the perfect place fro smugglers to hide from the Thai authorities. Nowadays the white sand beach and crystal clear blue waters are protected from the elements by lush green mountains either side of the bay and provides the perfect place for YOU to hide from the rest of the crowds that flock to this Island. Plus, with only a handful of hotels and resorts along the shore, the beach is never crowded – and when we visited, we practically had the place to ourselves

3. A Slice of Paradise Is Not Going To Cost The Earth

As a backpacker (or any traveller for that matter!), budget dictates a lot of the decisions we make when on the road. There is something to suit all budgets in Haad Salad with accommodation options ranging from as little as 350 TBH per night to up to 2500 TBH per night, and with beautiful beachside resorts at bargain prices – this is the prefect time to splurge a little on your South East Asia trip!

4. The Snorkeling and Diving Opportunities are Incredible

Haad Salad boasts its own coral reef just 80m meters from the shore – which makes it the perfect opportunity to snorkel without have to spend money on expensive dive trips. Just rent a mask and snorkel from any of the beachside hotels – or buy your own from the local shop and off you go!

On the flip side, if you’re looking for a more deep sea experience, the local dive schools are friendly (and very reasonably priced!) and can give you access to one of the best dive sites in the Gulf of Thailand – Sail Rock. As it is the largest land mass between Koh Phangan and Koh Tao it means you are guaranteed an amazing array of fish and coral – and if your lucky, you might see some bull sharks or the resident whale shark! Click here to read more about swimming with sharks in open water!

5. The Fresh Seafood!

Probably not the best way to follow raving about the diving and snorkelling available where you can see the fishes... but if you’re anything like me you will love the array of seafood available throughout the Thai Islands – and Haad Salad is no exception. Each night one of the beachfront resorts will host an amazing seafood BBQ boasting the day’s local catch and all cooked to your liking in front of you.

6. There is a Beach Tree Swing!

Mariya Ermolaeva

The epitome of a paradise island seems to be where in addition to the usual hammocks and sun loungers, someone has put up a tree swing. Whimsical and magical the sight of one evokes a childlike joy and everyone makes sure they get their photo taken looking happy and carefree.

7. The Overwater Sunsets Are Stunning


One of the highlights of being on the West of the island means that the sun sets over the water. I’m sure if you have seen an over water sunset you know just how incredible they are, but if you haven’t, here’s a little taste of what you can expect.

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