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Phases of Your Psychological State After Failing the Bar Exam

Think you're hot shit for attempting the hardest bar exam in the country? (Which incidentally is California—debate me New Yorkers.) The great equalizer called the bar exam humbles all those before it, no matter where you are.

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That excitement turned out to be faux relief, as ennui slowly set in

First month: Excited and guilty over being treated to meals even though you didn't even pass yet

In between: Cycle of boredom and anxiety as you remember you're waiting for results. Or guilty over going on that post-bar trip even though you didn't even pass yet

Last two weeks: HELP

Friday before Thanksgiving: The demonic countdown read "1 minute"...and it finally turned 6 PM

Long-awaited Schroedinger's bar results became available...

Irreconcilable possibilities, zero and one, coexist as long as you resist observation... Should you have checked it?

You couldn't handle the anticipation bursting out of the seams of your heart. You slapped in your applicant code and then...

Just to make sure, you checked again and again and again...

Did you put in the right numbers? Leading zeroes? Maybe reverse the numbers? Did you actually pass but just read it wrong? Did they actually receive my answer files?

Despair intensifies relentlessly, and you resign yourself from the world

How could this happen... to ME?

Why is that annoying person from law school instead part of the 46.6% who passed?

I think we can all agree these GIFs are way better (don't underestimate a GIF hipster) than captioned Tumblr GIFs that aren't still images for some reason. But good-old text can be even better for learning actual bar strategies, while still having fun!

Wait, is that possible? You tell me. Click on over to Make This Your Last Time for candid, actionable discussion to help you pass the bar exam by a second-time California passer.

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