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16 Gifts To DIY With Stuff You Already Have Laying Around

This stuff is probably collecting dust in your closet. Transform it. Give it away. Feel like a badass.

1. Felted Sweater Mittens

Make and Do Crew / Via

So you shrunk that sweater. It was on purpose (shh). Now you can make these mittens. Tutorial here.

2. Chip Bag Apron

Vicky Myers Creations / Via

Binge on a couple dozen bags of chips late last night? Turn your regret into a handy apron gift. Tutorial here.

3. Leather Wallet Turned Leather Catchall Tray

Make & Do Crew / Via

Perfect for the man who has everything. In his pockets. Tutorial here.

4. Strawberry Rose Bouquet

Ash and Crafts / Via

All you have lying around is a couple dozen perfect strawberries? Gift them in this delicious bouquet. Tutorial here.

5. Folded Book Art

See Saw Store / Via

The best books to receive are those that only say one really big word. Tutorial here.

6. Lampshade Vases

Therese Wikman / Via

When you need a DIY gift more than you need a functional lampshade, make these. Tutorial here.

7. Craft Caddy

Pillar Box Blue / Via

What do you make for the person who makes everything themselves? A craft caddy, of course. Tutorial here.

8. Cork Trivet

Sweet Living Magazine / Via

Nothing says, "I love you almost as much as wine," as a trivet made from wine corks. Tutorial here.

9. Dry Erase Marker Bouquet

Mom Advice / Via

Tutorial here.

10. Coffee Ground Candle

Kenzie Mastroe / Via

Usually you only find old candles mingling with coffee grounds at the bottom of your trash can. No more. Tutorial here.

11. T-Shirt Market Bag

Think Crafts / Via

No one will guess it used to be your t-shirt. Tutorial here.

12. Egg Carton Ring Holder

Merriment Design / Via

She'll love this egg carton ring holder. She'll love it even more if you include the ring. Tutorial here.

13. Jack Daniel's Soap Dispenser

Curly Birds / Via

Drink. Wash your hands. Repeat. Tutorial here.

14. Sugar Salt Bodyscrub

Sprouting Healthy Habits / Via

Sugar, salt, a little this, a little that, and boom! you have a silky smooth DIY gift on your hands. Literally. Tutorial here.

15. Clothespin Trivet

Lady and the Carpenter / Via

Make this if your gift recipient likes cooking more than doing laundry. Tutorial here.

16. Ceramic Mug Bells

Therese Wikman / Via

Ding-a-ling — Your gift is ready. Tutorial here.

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