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What A Hipster Would Be Like As A Zombie

With the upcoming general release of World War Z at the box office this weekend, it's time to think about how hipsters would fit into a zombie infested apocalyptic world.

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Hipsters, if they like it or not, get a lot of attention from both online and traditional print media outlets. Whether it's their obsession with unsigned bands the rest of us are too dumb to "appreciate", their wearing of thick black rimmed-glasses (that often have no medical function), or their mountain men style beards, they employ a number of tactics to declare their individuality, and this is what fascinates society.

So if zombies by their nature are all very similar intellectually (a hipster's worst nightmare), what would a hipster zombie be like? Surely this is similar to the well-known paradox of an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object?

To help answer this question, a UK based costume retailer has shed some light on the topic by releasing a hipster zombie costume.

Judging by the photos, it's clear a hipster's brain is not completely immune to the effects of zombification. In the above image, zombie hypnosis seems to have overpowered the hipster brain, causing a lack of conciseness and self-awareness.

Conversely, the below image supports the theory that hipster zombies can clawback some of their usual human behaviour when re-introduced to stimuli that is familiar to them, such as Apple products, Instagram and overpriced coffee.

Take them away, though, and you will have one very grumpy zombie...


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