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This Santa Costume Is Definitely NSFWCP (Not Safe For Work Christmas Parties)

You'll never look at Santa the same way again.

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There's a new Christmas costume on the market that's a bit different to the usual Santa suits and Elf costumes seen every year - one you're not likely to see a guy wearing at the local shopping mall grotto.

If I tell you that it's called the Flashing Santa Costume, I bet you can guess where this is going.

That's right, lurking beneath Santa's traditional red and white suit is another one - his birthday suit. And by the looks of it he certainly hasn't been hitting the gym anytime recently.

Fortunately, there's an imitation red thong (and nipple tassels) to cover the more sensitive areas. We can only presume these were borrowed from Mrs. Claus.

According to the website Santa has "a curvaceous figure of magical proportions" and "he just can't wait to flash his bits".

It also -very wisely- advises the costume is "not recommended to be worn to your office Christmas party, unless your boss is into that kind of thing!"

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