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10 Reasons Why Seattle VS Portland Is The Greatest Modern Rivalry In Sports

Let the games begin.

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Emerald City Supporters

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There are actually seven recognized supporters groups for Sounders FC. The ECS, currently the largest supporter group, are located in the south end of the stadium in sections 121–123. There march to the match before every home game is absolutely epic.

Caleb Porter (Timbers)

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A former MLS player himself,and one of the youngest coaches in the league, Porter has brought a new level of energy and excitement to Portland since he took over last year.

10. Oh yeah, and this guy's playing.

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Fulham’s all-time leading goalscorer in the EPL and One of the greatest American's to ever play abroad, Clint Dempsey has returned to the MLS to play in Seattle while at the pinnacle of his career.

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