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    24 Signs It's Summer In Denmark

    FOMOOTS = Fear Of Missing Out On The Sunshine.

    1. When you check the weather forecast first thing in the morning.

    2. Because it will determine the rest of your day.

    3. When the temperature is over 15 degrees Celsius and there are only a few clouds, and you call your friends to share the good news.

    4. And you can’t wait to go to your parent's/friend's/somebody’s summerhouse.

    5. Where these are EVERYWHERE.

    6. And this is how you spend your mornings.

    7. When everyone is hanging at the local bridge.

    8. When you expect this to be a part of every single one of your meals.

    9. Along with these.

    10. Which you have, of course, hand-picked yourself.

    11. When young people are wearing white hats for a week.

    12. And everyone starts throwing wooden sticks around wherever there is grass or sand.

    13. When drunken Swedes appear out of nowhere.

    14. When this classic licorice ice cream is all you need.

    15. And you can find these at every corner.

    16. And beaches like this one are at your service.

    17. When you can go for a swim in the canal.

    18. And this is what you want for lunch.

    19. When everyone is selling their stuff every weekend.

    20. When this annual tradition takes place.

    21. When nothing can stop you from going to your favorite festival.

    22. When this is how your barbecue usually ends.

    23. And when the sun takes you by surprise on a bike ride.

    24. There is really nothing quite like a Danish summer.