34 Things Every Dane Living Abroad Has Experienced

    Always. Craving. Rye. Bread.

    1. Always being the only one cycling home drunk.

    2. When someone in your adoptive country tells you they don't get paid to study.

    3. When friends from home come to visit you but they don't bring any rye bread or salty licorice with them.

    4. Being the only one who finds it perfectly appropriate to put your national flag on birthday cakes.

    5. When you tell your new friends that you're more than happy to pay half of your salary to the state.

    6. And when you see the cost of health care in your new country.

    7. When people assume Denmark is the capital of Sweden.

    8. Or that your native language is German...

    9. Or Dutch.

    10. When bars close at 1 a.m. or 2 a.m. and you're just getting started.

    11. When everyone is talking about the Nordic cuisine.

    12. And all you crave is this:

    13. When you want to hang out with your new friends but you realize they are more than a 15-minute bike ride away.

    14. Being overwhelmed each time a stranger approaches you with a "How are you?"

    15. And your response is usually deep silence and an air of existential angst.

    16. Being the only one who knows that this is the real Sprite.

    17. When people try to pronounce Mø's name and fail.

    18. When you try to play with people's mind and make them pronounce "rød grød med fløde."

    19. When you suddenly realize you're the only one topless on the beach.

    20. When all of your sarcastic jokes fall flat.

    21. The face of your new friends when they taste salty licorice for the first time.

    22. When you realize other countries don't gather to burn witches every summer.

    23. When you're the only one who understands the concept of pakkeleg.

    24. When you randomly meet another Dane in your new country and you already share 12 common friends on Facebook.

    25. And you're completely chill about the whole thing while all your foreign friends just CANNOT believe what's going on.

    26. Using the local public transportation and missing DSB more than anything in the world.

    27. When you leave your wallet in a bar, come back to get it, and it's gone!

    28. When people tell you they'd love to visit Denmark and you can't help feeling a bit proud.

    29. Until you realize they're just being polite and you feel lost.

    30. When people around you dress up on a Sunday morning and you wonder what party you're not invited to.

    31. When all you want to do is to hygge.

    32. And when you finally feel free from the Law of Jante.

    33. When you go back for a visit and don’t feel like leaving.

    34. Because there is no other place like home.