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    • majaf2

      Bosnia does have leftover mines from the war which ended in 1995 as one commenter already stated but land-mine clearing efforts have been made by many government agencies ever since the end of the war. There are less and less every year and I highly doubt that Bosnia is still the leader in land mines. Either way, to use that example in this article is perpetuating the stereotype that it is an unsafe country, which is FAR from the truth. I don’t mean to complain because this was an interesting article but I think it would have been nice to use a positive example for each country (for example, I’m sure Spain leads the world in much lovelier things than cocaine use but why was that chosen? shock value I guess …) and since I am from there I’d like to let everyone know Bosnia is a beautiful country and much safer than it used to be/safer than you’ve been led to believe!

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