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33 Cozy Onesies That Are Better Than A Winter Boyfriend

Or winter girlfriend. Or anyone. *Now updated with 11 new onesies*

1. Polar Fleece PJ Onesie

2. Plush Heart Print Onesie

3. ASOS Grandad Onesie

4. Game of Thrones Pajamas

5. Batman Hooded Union Suit

6. Aviator Onesie

$189, OnePiece.

7. Sunday Slacker Onesie

$169, OnePiece.

8. Plus-Size Black and Ivory Cat Print Onesie

9. Stag Print Fleece Onesie

10. Woodlot Onesie

11. Cat Graphic Sleep Romper

12. Pikachu Kigurumi Onesie

13. Kada Stripe Onesie

14. Plush Puppy Onesie

15. Fair Isle Sleep Onesie

16. Polar Fleece PJ Onesie

17. Adventure Time Jake Hooded Fleece Onesie

18. Mono Snowflake Jumpsuit

19. Dolphin Onesie

20. Fox Print Micro Fleece One-Piece Pajamas

21. Time For Bacon Onesie

22. Plus-Size Plush Onesie with Fair Isle Print and Hood

$35, Deb Shops.

23. Thermal Long Jane Onesie

24. Bugs Bunny PJ Onesie

25. Fairisle Printed Sleeve Onesie

26. Green Festival Checklist Onesie

27. Fleece Christmas Pudding Onesie

28. Stripy Retro Non-Footed Pajamas

29. Camo Onesie

30. Harvington All In One

31. Luxe Cable Knit Onesie

32. Plus-Size Plush Panda Print Onesie

$35, Deb Shops.

33. Santa Onesie

Khloe Kardashian knows what's up.

And so do Ryan Gosling and Ellen.

Have you bought one yet? GOOD. Because we're declaring next Friday (Dec. 12, 2014) to be ONESIE DAY WORLDWIDE.

Here's how to participate:

1. Wear your coziest, most glorious onesie in solidarity with leisure appreciators around the world.

2. Do daring and beautiful things in your onesie. (Need inspiration? Check out these ideas!)

3. Take photos of those things and share your photos with the official hashtag #weareonesie.