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    Not Gonna Lie, This Is Probably The Coolest Journal You’ll Ever See

    Move aside, other planners and diaries; Wreck This Journal is here to inspire you.

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    Hi! This is the Wreck This Journal. It really wants you to destroy it!

    And by destroy it, I mean use each page in a totally unique way, lit'rally ~wrecking~ the journal in the process. If you want to spark your creativity and think out of the box, boy is this for you!

    If you're like "ok... but what does that even mean?!" I hear ya. Basically it's filled with tons and tons of prompts inspiring you to do stuff, whether that's using it as a drum, spilling coffee on it, or doing abstract things like "collecting Ws."

    What does that mean? IT'S UP TO YOU!

    Want some examples of what's inside? Here ya go!

    Here's a page that asked to be paintballed!

    "Glue a random page from a newpaper here" — this is what a Harry Potter fan made of that one.

    This one's great for inspiring some #showerthoughts.

    Here's a page someone used as the perfect way to kill time before the final season of Game of Thrones (or the even longer wait until Winds of Winter is released).

    It has some really stellar reviews too — almost 3,000 five-star ones alone. People who've tried this journal end up LOVING IT!

    "I never even realized I was creative until this book came around. I absolutely love the idea of being able to do WHATEVER you want with this book. It decreased anxiety and increased my excitement about life. If you are debating your purchase, please don't anymore!! It's $10, but turns into a priceless item!" —Alecia

    "I was a bit skeptical at buying this at first, but it was for a secrete santa gift for my daughter. She absolutely loved this journal. It allowed her to be creative, destructive, rebellious, and not follow the rules of ordinary journals! Ok, so this journal sounds dangerous huh? Not at all. It allows the creative side of the kid come out. The chance to write a journal without ordinary rules, make journaling fun and exciting. It is a must have I say!! I would buy this again!" —Stephanie

    "I am an artist who bought this book for myself as a birthday gift and fell in love with it. What other book asks you to destroy it with reckless abandon? Keri Smith had a wonderful idea...freedom! Freedom to experiment without worry of the outcome. I brought my Journal of Destruction to an artist retreat and many artists not only helped me with a few pages but wrote down the book's information to order one for themselves. My teenage nieces also liked helping me destroy my journal so, I'm getting them each one for their birthdays. Yay for Keri Smith! Can't wait to see her other journals with a similar theme." —J. Burrell

    It's great for all ages, from kids to teens to adults to grandparents, and the reviews prove it!

    "I bought the mini version of this book (I'm in my 40's) on a whim at the craft store one day. My 27-year-old daughter saw it so I bought her this one as a little surprise, she is thrilled with it. We are both artists (her by profession, me by hobby), but it doesn't seem matter what age, this is just simple fun and an easy way to get the creative juices flowing." —Maximum Verbosity

    "Bought one, LOVED it! Had so much fun with it. Bought some more as gifts for my young kids, they love the spontaneity of it, the destruction, and all around fun! Now my mom, sisters, and aunts all have one. I'm almost ready to start a new one! Really, truly, the most fun we've had in a while! We don't always follow the pages exactly and often go off and do our own little thing, sticking to it as we feel. But it's so freeing and feels so great! I will definitely be buying more!!" —Cristina L. Hawkes-Cornwall

    "This is so clever and inventive. I bought it for my granddaughter and really want to keep it for myself...but she is five-and-a-half, and I'll let her have it. The series seems to be a way to let children explore coloring outside the lines and being creative...might not be a bad lesson for adults either!" —Bookaholic

    Here are a couple ~WrEcKeD JoUrNaLs~ after they're completed — mission accomplished, I'd say!

    It's available with four different covers (each listed separately): black, red, duct tape, and paper bag.

    Pick your favorite and unleash that creative energy! Get your Wreck This Journal from Amazon for $8.69+

    And if you've already tried (and loved) the original version, check out their follow up: Wreck This Journal Everywhere, which is filled with activities to get you exploring even more.

    Get it from Amazon for $9.

    Me, talking to this journal:


    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    I never even realized I was creative until this book came around.

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