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What's The Best Book To Give As A Gift?

Because you really can't ever have ~too many~ books.

Everybody loves a gift.

And books are one of the best presents to give AND get.

So tell us: What's your go-to book to give someone?

A particularly beautiful, cloth-bound boxed set of Jane Austen's novels for someone working on building their home library?

A combo gardening guide/history lesson/recipe book perfect for perusing while enjoying a cocktail?

A collection of spooooky ghost stories that'll help them pretend it's Halloween year-round?

A life-changing memoir so they'll feel moved and inspired?

A bestselling history of the women code breakers during World War II for anyone who loves a fascinating untold story?

A gorgeous coffee table book to put on display?

Or how about a ~magically~ illustrated copy of their favorite Harry Potter installment?

Tell us about the books that make AMAZING gifts (and why you love them) in the comments below to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!