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What's The Best Beauty Product You Bought In 2018?

Tell us about your must-have makeup and skin care!

Another year has flown by. How is it December already? But luckily, makeup exists to cheer us out of our existential dread and give us a reason not to cry:


So tell us: what's the best beauty product you bought in the last 12 months?

A foundation (like Fenty Pro Filt'r) that *truly* stayed put the whole dang day?


An argan oil (like this Acure version) that said "hello" to the best skin of your life?

A budget friendly lipstick (like this Maybelline liquid lippie) that's even better than high end brands?

A pack of the ultimate pus-absorbing pimple patches (like these Cosrx ones) so acne finally became a thing of the past?


A glittery liquid eyeshadow (like this gorge Stila one) that made you feel glowed up?

Tell us about your favorite beauty product that you bought in 2018 (and why you love it!) to be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!