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21 Winter Tips To Trick People Into Thinking You're Stylish

Bundle up without spending a bundle.

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2. Layer a turtleneck under a summer dress so you can wear your favorite pieces year-round.

Get a non-bulky cropped turtleneck from Forever 21 for $7.90 (sizes S–L) or a layering turtleneck from Land's End for $29.50 (sizes XS–3X).


8. Don’t banish your favorite shorts to storage — layer them with fleece-lined tights to wear all winter.

You'll stay warm even while frolicking in the snow.

Get a pair of highly rated fleece-lined tights from Amazon for $10.50.

10. Try a leopard-print coat that makes literally every outfit look better.

Who even cares what you’re wearing underneath?

Get a wool version from Asos for $121 and a faux-fur option from Zara for $129.


14. Add an extra bit of warmth by layering over-the-knee socks over your tights.

With a peek of your funky tights showing at the top.

Check out the selection of over-the-knee socks at Forever 21 here.


19. Brighten up gray winter days with a pastel coat that will put a smile on your face.

It’ll hide the rest of your all-black outfit.

Get the left coat from H&M for $129 (sizes: 2–16) and the right coat from Eloquii for $199.90 (sizes:14/16–22/24).

21. Most importantly, stay ~actually~ warm.

Who cares about looking cute if you're shivering? Invest in a warm coat that's cute enough to put on when you need it.

Get this coat (Uniqlo's warmest ever) for $99.90. Sizes: XS–XXL. Available in five colors. It's water-resistant and even has an extra removable fleece lining for a boost of warmth.

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