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    39 Ways To Make Your Home So Much Cozier

    Blanket fort, but make it grown-up.

    1. Set expectations for all your guests before they even walk in by placing a welcoming doormat at your entrance. Or just welcome yourself after a long-ass day at the office when you just want to crawl into a pile of pillows.

    2. And designate the indoors a socks-or-slippers-only area.

    3. Transform your ceiling into the Northern Lights with a rotating projector that makes nighttime a little more magical.

    4. Relax and unwind next to an essential oil diffuser with a sleek wood exterior that actually looks stylish.

    5. Pick color schemes and paint colors throughout your home that you find soothing, happy, and peaceful — color psychology might help you!

    6. Fake a window seat by putting a daybed (topped with a velveteen daybed cushion) right under a window.

    7. Partition your room with an open shelf room divider that creates a perfect reading nook without making the space feel cramped.

    8. Create ambience with battery-powered flameless candles with moving wicks that flicker realistically — without worrying about whether or not you left a candle burning. 🤔

    9. Or switch on an elegant lantern filled with fairy lights for an extra dose of cozy glam.

    10. Keep your chairs from scratching your floors — and make them look outrageously adorable — with chair socks. Sweaters for your furniture? Who knew?!

    11. Or try these purrfect chair socks that look like little cat feet. These are just about the only paws that *don't* scratch your floors.

    12. Light up (and scent up) a room with a soy wax candle inspired by and named after authors; for example, Edgar Allen Poe is a blend of cardamom, absinthe, and sandalwood.

    13. Cuddle up with a faux fur blanket that comes in 12 colors to perfectly match your decor — and will make your home feel like Winterfell in its pre-Bolton, pre-undead invasion glory days.

    14. Or relax under a weighted blanket some people have said has helped with anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

    15. Display ALL the throw blankets on a leaning wall ladder for a cozy atmosphere — plus you and your guests can just grab one and snuggle at will.

    16. Or to reduce clutter, fold up your blankets and store them in wire baskets for a cuddly-chic display you can keep right on a shelf or next to your couch.

    17. Lay a faux sheepskin on the floor to cushion your feetsies when you step out of bed in the morning (it also looks super interior design-y draped over your couch or the foot of your bed!)

    18. If you're looking to add some greenery to your space but don't want to add the stress of keeping it alive, choose one of these low-maintenance, hard-to-kill indoor plans.

    19. You can get plants like the fiddle leaf fig mentioned above on Bloomscape — they'll tell you how much attention they need (so you don't kill plant after plant), whether they're pet-friendly, and how big they'll get!

    20. Pile your bed/couch/chairs with a borderline excessive number of throw pillows; choose a velvet option for an incredibly luxe look.

    21. Map out a gallery wall to add dimension and personality to your walls, and celebrate your favorite things, whether it's artwork, prints from your favorite pieces of pop culture, or photos of your family and friends.

    22. And spring for a pre-thought out multipack set of frames to make creating your gallery wall even easier!

    23. Opt for a color-changing Bluetooth speaker night-light to truly set a relaxing mood. Plus it's dimmable, so you can lower it for the perfect transition to naptime.

    24. Cushion your feet under a patterned shag rug in a bold print that looks super expensive and feels amazing.

    25. Warm a room with an electric fireplace that has 3D log detailing and side windows that make it look incredibly realistic.

    26. Decorate an accent wall or your bookshelves with stunning branch string lights to transform your room into an ethereal secret garden.

    27. Set up a chair comfy enough for reading ALL DAY. This one functions as a recliner AND rocking chair. Options!

    28. Attach fake antlers to your wall for added storage and hanging space that actually looks cute.

    29. Make your home feel like a 5-star hotel by stocking plush Turkish cotton towels that also absorb water really well so you feel cozy, rather than shivery, coming out of the shower.

    30. Luxuriate in the tub with a sleek grey bamboo bath caddy to securely hold your favorite novel, your phone and (most importantly) a glass of wine while you luxuriate amongst the bubbles.

    31. Turn your shower into a spa experience by DIYing a smooth pebble bathmat.

    32. Hang velvet curtains to keep your room warm and add old-timey charm — they also work as blackout curtains for mornings you just don't want the sun to be up quite yet.

    33. Or add some understated loveliness — and a dose of texture without darkening your room — by hanging breezy curtains with a sheer floral design.

    34. Turn an old or thrifted cable knit sweater into a pouf or ottoman you can use as a footrest.

    35. Or if all of your sweaters are in good condition, thank you very much, check out this charcoal pouf that doubles as extra seating.

    36. Make the inside of your home better than the outside by hanging a swinging hammock chair that begs to be read in.

    37. Take a nap on a sleek chaise lounge that will make you feel like a gentleman or lady of leisure.

    38. Scatter donut pillows all over your place, because nothing says ~deliciously cozy~ like a dozen of these bad boys.

    39. And curl up with The Little Book of Hygge, a volume that'll help you embrace the Danish concept of "hygge," a sense of comfort, togetherness, and well-being.

    Time to get cozy!

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