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27 Ways To Take Your French Fry Obsession To The Next Level

When you only have eyes for fries...

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1. Carry your fry money in a bad ass shoulder bag that will have your friends more than salty about your purse game.

3. Cut out the grease with an air fryer that makes magically crispy fries with little to no oil.

It cooks fries, wings, potato chips, or any fried food with convection heating — creating the perfect crunch without a deep fryer or tons of oil.

Get it from Amazon for $94.99.


4. Fill up your condiment gun to dress up your fries in the baddest way.

5. Bake in a perforated pan that actually crisps your potato or veggie fries to perfection.

It evenly circulates heat, so even those oven-baked fries taste like the real deal — plus you don't even have to turn them over during baking!

Get it from Amazon for $12.33.

6. Dip your taters in style with a two-in-one cone that keeps your ketchup or mayo properly separated.

You're obv not one of those fools who drizzles ketchup all over their basket of fries.

Get it from Amazon for $4.99 (if this one sells out, you can get a similar one here or here).


10. Immerse yourself in delicious history with a book that illustrates how fries were first created, their ties to culture, and serves as a guide to all the shapes and varieties.


14. Snatch up a fries pen that will be the most mouthwatering writing tool you’ll ever own.

15. Stop letting limp leftover fries get you down — reheat them in a handy panini press to give them new life.

Lol, what even are leftover fries tho?

Check out a list of all the ways you're reheating your leftovers wrong here.

Get this panini press from Amazon for $24.94.


16. Expand your cooking skills with a recipe book full of over 50 french fry recipes you can use for any meal!

19. Upgrade your phone with an adorable hotdog and fries iPhone case or an equally fierce "Feed Me. I’m Yours" case.


25. Become a fry-making legend with two-basket deep fryer with an adjustable temperature gauge.

26. Up the taste level of any outfit with a pair of fries socks that are made for a trendsetter.


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