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    21 Gift Ideas For Anyone Who Really And Truly Loves You

    When your mom says "I just want to spend time with you!", these should do the trick.

    Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

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    1. A cushion printed with your face for the relative or friend who sometimes wants to embrace you and sometimes wants to pinch you.

    Just upload your photo and Firebox does the work for you.

    Get them from Firebox for $19.19 each (or $32 for two and $38.39 for three).

    2. A customizable book of selfies to fill with the finest works of art (that you snap with your iPhone).

    Just fill it before you gift it!

    Get it from Amazon for $8.70.

    3. A cookie cutter for turning boring old dough into edible versions of your gorgeous mug.

    Get it from Cookilu on Etsy for $21.33.

    Promising review: "Incredibly cute cookie cutters and I like that the indented parts are actually long enough to make a good imprint on the dough! Quick communication from the seller and surprisingly fast shipping to the USA. Highly recommend!" β€”Carole Webster

    4. A lavender-and-wheat-filled pillow that heats up right in the microwave for a soothing squeeze.

    It stays warm for several hours! Then just pop it right back in the microwave whenever you need a warm hug.

    Get it from Firebox for $19.19.

    5. A set of temporary tattoos to emblazon flesh with your face (as a trial period for some real ink).,

    Get them from Symbolic Imports on Etsy for $3+.

    Promising review: "I'll admit I was skeptical upon ordering this but so happy I did! I'm amazed how perfectly it came out! Detail is great and I cannot wait to surprise my future sis-in-law with my brother's face!" β€”Michele Garcia

    6. A mug that'll reveal its best self when exposed to hot coffee (just like you!).

    Get it from Amazon for $17.99.

    Promising review: "Loved the finish. The pictures were so clear and the color-changing quality was amazing. Great gift for your loved ones. Highly recommend! Quick delivery than expected!" β€”ASN

    7. A laser-engraved pendant for anyone who wishes they had a custom cameo to celebrate your perfect profile.

    Get it from Once Again Sam on Etsy for $24. Available in thirty pendant colors and four metal colors.

    8. A hand-made trinket dish painted with a face that just might look familiar.

    Because it's yours!

    Get it from Jubilique and Louise on Etsy for $9.26.

    9. A Rubik's cube personalized with six photos for anyone who considers you a true puzzle.

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    Promising review: "I had been searching all around for a personalized Rubik's cube β€” everywhere from making one myself to Etsy β€” when I stumbled across this. I was a bit unsure, but I saw all the great reviews so I decided to give it a try. decision ever! The seller got back to me right away, and we started working on my pictures. They helped me design my cube exactly the way I wanted, and I couldn't be any happier β€” such a friendly person to work with! And an amazing job if I might add! Probably one of the greatest things I've purchased on Amazon!" β€”VMich

    10. A set of customized golf balls to ~link~ the two of you when your giftee is hitting the links.

    Get them from Personalized Gifts for $26.99+.

    Promising review: "Too cute! Lots of compliments. The picture prep process was fast and easy. The pic printed on the balls exactly as it was displayed in the preview. Couldn't be happier." β€”Sherry H.

    11. A rubber stamp that's sure to affix a proper seal of approval to any important document.

    Get it from Stamplifier on Etsy for $24.49.

    Get a stamp with text here or a trio of stamps (all with different facial emotions) here.

    12. An herb grinder πŸ˜‰ to mark your face on so you can be sure no one bogarts it.

    Get it from Grind Candy on Etsy for $39.99+.

    Promising review: "It was completed, shipped, and arrived earlier than it was listed to, which is wonderful. The grinder is high quality, and the text I had personalized on both sides is clean, clear, and beautiful. The exterior is smooth and sturdy. I would recommend this." –Lilly Wang

    13. A spankin' new pair of undies that, with your face on them, immediately turn into *fundies*.

    Get a pair from Firebox for $21.79. Available in two colors and women's sizes S-L.

    14. Or a keychain to make sure you never mix up your keys again!

    Get it from Jubilique and Louise on Etsy for $6.62.

    15. A 252-piece puzzle that slices and dices your favorite photo to turn it into the best rainy day activity.

    Get it from Personalization Mall for $20.29.

    Check out all the puzzles available here.

    16. A 3D-printed bust to perfectly meld together ancient Roman art with futuristic technology β€” all in a perfect rendering of your head.

    Would make a great trophy tbh.

    Get it from My Face on A Figure on Etsy for $34.99+.

    17. A custom magnet that'll seriously upgrade your mom's outdated fridge o' photos.

    Get them from Kit Atlas on Etsy for $14 each.

    Promising review: "These were so perfect that when I saw the picture of the finished product I had to immediately buy another set before they even arrived at my door." –Lo the Riveter

    18. A cozy cotton blend throw to ~throw over~ anyone's shivering body when they're in need of a cuddle with yours truly.

    Get it from Personal Creations for $59.99.

    19. A hand-drawn rendering of your and your furry best friend β€” any proper pet will love it.

    And definitely not tear it to shreds. No no.

    Get it from Luv First Sight on Etsy for $59+.

    20. A grand and important personalized portrait to give to anyone who's simply tired of the same old 5x7 photos from the local Walgreens.,

    Get it from Red Baron Design on Etsy for $24.67. (Get the ladies' version here.)

    You can also get a couple's portrait for $33.09 (pictured on right).

    21. Made-to-order paper dolls (with optional accessories) that give the phrase "playing with yourself" a whole new meaning.

    Get them from Yurwity Art on Etsy for $10+ each.

    Just wait for paper doll you to come out of its gift box:


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