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    24 Ways To Adult Better In September

    Even if your school days are long behind you, harness that back-to-school energy!

    1. Stow a knit sweater/blazer in your desk drawer for those days when it's starting to get cooler but the AC in your office is still blasting.

    2. Keep your laptop secure on your way to or from work or class in a backpack that has concealed zippers to prevent theft and different compartments for optimal organization.

    3. Get the restful sleep you need and deserve; hang blackout curtains over your windows so neighbor's lights don't bother you in the night and the sun doesn't wake you too early in the day.

    4. Stay on top of everything in your life from social engagements to work due dates to spending habits with a 17-month planner (it comes with over 300 stickers for peak type-A organization).

    5. Find a nude bra or bralette that actually matches your skin tone so it looks seamless under all of your clothing.

    6. Check Still Tasty to see how long you should keep things in your fridge, freezer, or pantry so you don't accidentally food poison yourself.

    7. When in doubt, store your produce in stay-fresh containers that keep your favorite fruits and veggies crisp and mold-free for up to 80% longer. Because wasted food is not ok.

    8. Making adult friendships can be hard, so if you're moving to a new city or just want to broaden your social circle, get creative and see what happens.

    9. Clean up any sweaters you're moving from storage to your closet as you transition to colder weather with a battery-operated fabric shaver. Pills, be gone!

    10. And crack the code of closet organization with a full system you can add to your closet and customize according to its size and what you need.

    11. Ditch the iron or steamer on lazy mornings and spritz your clothes with a wrinkle-releasing spray so you can look put-together with zero effort.

    12. Adult acne is a sad truth, so stop picking or popping; treat your face with Corsx pimple patches that heal acne so fast, it's basically magic.

    13. Squeeze in some reading time on your commute without having to carry around a heavy book; just download your most recent library book on a Kindle.

    14. Take some approachable life advice from retired Admiral William H. McRaven; to start, make your bed every morning — who knows what you'll accomplish after that?

    15. Is your diet more delicious than nutritious? Check out Care/Of for a monthly vitamin subscription; it's cheaper than buying them at the drugstore, and it'll keep you from forgetting to buy or take them.

    16. Or make sure you're getting all the nutrients you need with a handy guide listing 33 foods that pack a ton of vitamins.

    17. Bring your lunch to work in a cool tote that's a step up from your old elementary-school lunchbox.

    18. When your meal planning goes awry, transform your favorite boxed mac & cheese into a Real Dinner with just a few extra ingredients.

    19. Begin your cozy fall weekend mornings with a book of crosswords to kick off a productive day.

    20. Decorate your home without damaging you walls (gotta get that security deposit back) with peel and stick wallpaper.

    21. Stop sticking stuff on your wall with painter's tape; get affordable custom frames that actually fit your photos and artwork instead.

    22. Get every last drop out off all of your bottled goods (including condiments, lotions, and shampoos) with the Flip-It cap. It stores bottles upside down so you can *always* use it all.

    23. Learn all the basics about wine (and how to learn what you like) from a book that will educate AND entertain you. You'll never be stuck looking helpless in Trader Joe's wine store again.

    24. When in doubt, just order some Amazon wine for delivery in under two hours.

    Now you can show off at parties!