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24 Ways To Adult Better In September

Even if your school days are long behind you, harness that back-to-school energy!

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1. Stow a knit sweater/blazer in your desk drawer for those days when it's starting to get cooler but the AC in your office is still blasting.

Get it from Amazon for $19.99+. Sizes: S–3XL. Available in black, white, and grey.

Promising review: "Love this cardigan! Looks like a nice blazer, but it's lighter and breathes well! I want it in every color!" —M. Ruelaz

2. Keep your laptop secure on your way to or from work or class in a backpack that has concealed zippers to prevent theft and different compartments for optimal organization.

The zippers are at your back, so only YOU can get to them!

Get it from Amazon for $40.99.

Promising review: "This bag is legit AWESOME. It fits literally anything you want. I love that it has no outside pockets and the zippers can be zipped and hidden all the way down behind a flap on the right or left side. On top of that, it has two hidden compartments on the side that touch your back for easy access to your passport in line at the airport, but still stay safe and secure with no digging necessary. It has holes in the zipper metal to slide a lock through, too. This is all you need for international traveling to protect against pick-pocketers and I travel a lot." —Susan K.

3. Get the restful sleep you need and deserve; hang blackout curtains over your windows so neighbor's lights don't bother you in the night and the sun doesn't wake you too early in the day.

Get them from Amazon for $16.49 each. Available in seven lengths and 25 colors.

Promising review: "Great! I work nights, so it is impossible to sleep without room darkening curtains during the day. My room is so dark, and the curtains look nice in the light! Great product!" —Tortortor


4. Stay on top of everything in your life from social engagements to work due dates to spending habits with a 17-month planner (it comes with over 300 stickers for peak type-A organization).

It even has bonus pages in the back to help you stick to your budget, keep your to-do list (and your to-DON'T list), and way more!

Get it from Amazon for $17.99. Available in three different cover designs.

Promising review: "Great planner! I wanted one that had plenty of room to write for each day of the month, not just the little squares in the main calendar. This planner provides several lines for each and every day in a separate section (as pictured). It's a good size, nice and large. I expected it to be heavy but it really isn't. Lots of neat details and stickers. I'd definitely recommend it!" —Calvin Barrick

5. Find a nude bra or bralette that actually matches your skin tone so it looks seamless under all of your clothing.

Aerie's "Real Me" collection is an affordable place to start!

Get the lightly-lined full coverage bra for $20 (on sale from $39.95). Sizes 30B-38DD. Available in nine colors.

And get the bralette for $20 (on sale from $39.95). Sizes XS-XL. Available in six colors.

6. Check Still Tasty to see how long you should keep things in your fridge, freezer, or pantry so you don't accidentally food poison yourself.

They have sections for fruit, veggies, dairy, meat, grains, oils, spices and more so all your kitchen basics are covered!

7. When in doubt, store your produce in stay-fresh containers that keep your favorite fruits and veggies crisp and mold-free for up to 80% longer. Because wasted food is not ok.

Get a set of three containers from Amazon for $26.98. Also available in sets of two, four, and five containers.

Promising review: "I wish I had gotten these sooner. I bought strawberries for my children, and then I forgot about them. I found them in the back of the refrigerator almost TWO WEEKS later, and they were still good. It keeps blackberries for a really long time. The lettuce (washed and cut up, even) has lasted close to three weeks. The real miracle is how long it keeps zucchini. Zucchini starts to get mushy in the crisper drawer after just a few days. Again, these miracle containers have kept it fresh for close to two weeks now. I've kept cut lettuce, cut cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumbers, zucchini, sliced bell peppers, strawberries, blackberries, cut jicama, and carrots in these containers. I've had fantastic results with all of them. I loved these so much, I ordered this second set on Amazon. If I had more room in my fridge, I'd get more!" —Laura


9. Clean up any sweaters you're moving from storage to your closet as you transition to colder weather with a battery-operated fabric shaver. Pills, be gone!

Get it from Amazon for $7.76.

Promising review: "This is a great tool to clean up your favorite, well worn sweaters. Works very well. I also used to to take towel lint off of sweatpants. I thought the pants were hopeless, but this little guy rescued me." —Lynda L. Steinbeck

10. And crack the code of closet organization with a full system you can add to your closet and customize according to its size and what you need.

Your chair will be like, "What happened to all the clothes that are usually piled on top of me?"

Get the four-to-six foot organizing system from Amazon for $105.

Promising review: "Easy to assemble and arrived on time! We put two of these up in a day. Both of us have never done anything like this before. It was easy! The closets look fantastic now!" —Welcome2Idiocracy

11. Ditch the iron or steamer on lazy mornings and spritz your clothes with a wrinkle-releasing spray so you can look put-together with zero effort.

Get the pack of two from Amazon for $11.34.

Promising review: "This product really works and smells wonderful. Fresh just like it says and the wrinkles do fall out. Not perfect like an iron but an easy way to freshen any piece of clothing. You can even spray it as a room fragrance. Amazon is the best place to order it from; the price is half what you would pay in a store, even if you can find it. It honestly is a fair and true good deal." —Brenda Bolton

Also available in a three-ounce spray bottle for all your travel needs.


12. Adult acne is a sad truth, so stop picking or popping; treat your face with Corsx pimple patches that heal acne so fast, it's basically magic.

These hydrocolloid patches absorb secretions to heal pimples faster and keep bacteria out, keeping them from getting re-infected.

Get a pack of 24 patches from Amazon for $4.84.

13. Squeeze in some reading time on your commute without having to carry around a heavy book; just download your most recent library book on a Kindle.

Most libraries let you borrow ebook copies on whichever e-reader you have. Check out how to do it here.

Not a library member? Try Kindle Unlimited, where you can read over a million books, listen to thousands of audiobooks, and check out current magazines for $9.99 per month. Your first 30 days is free!

Get a Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon for $119.99.

14. Take some approachable life advice from retired Admiral William H. McRaven; to start, make your bed every morning — who knows what you'll accomplish after that?

Get it from Amazon for $10.80 (hardcover) or $11.99 (Kindle).

Promising review: "Outstanding book! Easy, enjoyable read intertwined with important reminders about life. Adm. McRaven uses his time in Naval Special Warfare to background these life lessons, but, doesn't use his service as a SEAL as a self promotion tool." —Amazon Customer

15. Is your diet more delicious than nutritious? Check out Care/Of for a monthly vitamin subscription; it's cheaper than buying them at the drugstore, and it'll keep you from forgetting to buy or take them.

They personalize your daily vitamin pack according to your needs — including calcium, fish oil, B12, prenatal vitamins, or more.

Subscriptions start at $5 per month.


17. Bring your lunch to work in a cool tote that's a step up from your old elementary-school lunchbox.

Plus, it has a waterproof inside that makes worrying about leaking or spills a thing of the past.

Get it from Amazon for $24.50.

Promising review: "Exactly as described. I've had water spill in this before (poorly capped water bottle), and there was no leakage. The inside lining is water proof, so I literally just had to pour the water out and turn the bag inside out to dry. Very sturdy, too." —J. Liao

19. Begin your cozy fall weekend mornings with a book of crosswords to kick off a productive day.

AKA the opposite of a hungover Sunday morning.

Get it from Amazon for $9.34.

Promising review: "These collections of Sunday Crosswords are my favorites. Different creators make for different levels of challenge. All are edited by the incomparable Will Shortz. Small size fits in my purse for hours of enjoyment while traveling." —Alice


20. Decorate your home without damaging you walls (gotta get that security deposit back) with peel and stick wallpaper.

Get this vintage tile-style peel and stick pallpaper from Jet for $41.19. Check out the full selection of options of Nu Wallpaper at Amazon.

Get more ideas for decorating your walls (WITHOUT damaging them) from 18 Things To Put On Your Walls When You're Not Allowed To Paint.

21. Stop sticking stuff on your wall with painter's tape; get affordable custom frames that actually fit your photos and artwork instead.

Mallory McInnis / BuzzFeed

Frames from Art To Frames start at $7.50.

Check out a BuzzFeeder's review of Art to Frames here (#3).

22. Get every last drop out off all of your bottled goods (including condiments, lotions, and shampoos) with the Flip-It cap. It stores bottles upside down so you can *always* use it all.

Get a four-pack from Amazon for $12.95.

Promising review: "It pretty much gets every bit out of the bottle, which is rather cost effective. I use it on a bottle of hand cream and it really does get out almost everything. It's frustrating when you pump away but get nothing back, yet there is a good amount left. That's when I put the flip it on. It works!" —R. Sullivan

Check out a BuzzFeeder's review here (#4).

23. Learn all the basics about wine (and how to learn what you like) from a book that will educate AND entertain you. You'll never be stuck looking helpless in Trader Joe's wine store again.

Seriously, all the reviews are about how funny this is.

Get it from Amazon for $14.11 (paperback) or $12.99 (Kindle).

Promising review: "Didn't really know anything about wine before this! I actually bought this book as a gift for my girlfriend but I ended up reading the whole thing on the plane before I got it to her. I laughed out loud (which is rare for books) and I read it from cover to cover. It's to-the-point and I actually learned a lot. She's clearly taken a great amount of time to make this an easy and fun read. Can't wait to finally be able know to order a bottle at dinner!" —Mike Delegard