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21 Ways To Feel Like An Adult In 2017

Kick off the new year right!

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8. Prep big batches of breakfasts in advance so you have no excuse to skip breakfast every day.

Keep these pre-made breakfast sandwiches in the freezer to pop out and nuke any time.

If cooking isn't your thing, get a mega-pack of on-the-go breakfast foods from Amazon for $24.99.

9. Make sure your winter style is weather appropriate; invest in some cuddly fleece-lined tights for dresses that look cool but feel cold.

Get them from American Eagle for $9.57 (on sale from $15.95).

And check out a bunch of other ways to stay stylish (and WARM) this winter here.


15. Invest in a pair of L.L. Bean Boots that'll keep your feet dry and warm — with a lifetime guarantee.

Get the classic women's version (left) from L.L. Bean for $119 or the shearling version (warm down to -20°F) for $219.

Check out all available selections of men's and women's Bean Boots here.


18. Make those expensive bras last way longer by washing them in a bra ball.

Plus, you'll look so much more put-together without that underwire sticking out and stabbing you.

Get a pack of three from Amazon for $12.45.

19. Learn a new skill (like coding) that could help your career or just be a cool new hobby.

Learn how to code (for free!) at Code Academy.

Or sign up for a kick ass class from anything from marketing to game theory at Coursera.

21. And get (and save) the contact information for your elected representatives so you can make your voice heard on non-election days.


Check here to get the names and contact information for all your local, state, and federal officials — you can even learn what committees they're on!


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