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24 Things That Will Make You Feel Like An Adult This Month

Take the spooookiness out of being a grown-up.

1. Plug in a Red Cross blackout buddy that lights up automatically when the power is out.

It can also function as a regular nightlight when the power is A-OK.

Get a pack of two from Amazon for $22.57.

2. Stock candy for trick or treaters instead of keeping your lights off on Halloween.

3. And if you have leftover candy, learn which wine pairs best with it.

4. Keep a can of WD-40 in the house to keep your doors from squeakin' and lubricate sticky zippers.

5. Freeze batches of smoothie ingredients in baggies to make breakfast basically foolproof.

Get the how-to here.

And get 216 quart-size freezer bags perfect for frozen fruit from Amazon for $7.03.

6. Actually remove your makeup ~every day~ with a gentle and inexpensive micellar water.

7. Download pretty (and professional) resumé templates to up your job hunting game.

8. Keep your clothes dust-free with a lint roller that just happens to have space tacos on it.

9. Make a bucket list that'll inspire you (and help you save money).

10. Keep your toes dry in a pair of rain boots that'll last forever.

11. Make informed decisions by recording ALL the pros and cons.

12. Learn what kind of hair brush you need to style your hair.

13. Streamline your closet with open side hangers that are perfect for quickly hanging pants.

Get a set of 20 from Amazon for $24.99.

14. Dry your feet on an inexpensive bath mat with a fancy fringe.

15. Hang a chart of laundry symbols so you never ruin your clothes again.

16. Cuddle up under a throw blanket that's ~not~ stolen from your bed.

17. Reduce the cleaning supply clutter with ~one~ cleaner that works on basically every surface.

18. Improve your kitchen skills with a cookbook of foods you'll actually want to eat.

Get the Kindle edition for $15.99 and the hardcover edition for $17.99.

Check out one BuzzFeed editor's awesome experience with this cookbook here.

19. Download an app that encourages you to drink water.

Available for iPhone and Android.

20. Keep a little black book in a drawer with numbers for a plumber, doctor, local pizza place, or any other numbers you need in an emergency.

21. And stop the need for plumbers altogether with a drain catcher that snags every hair.

Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

22. Buy bedsheets in a material that'll have you sleeping soundly.

23. Pour yourself a healthy serving of wine in a glass that understands you.

24. And perhaps most importantly, register to vote!

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