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Posted on Mar 9, 2016

23 Vintage-Inspired Swimsuits That Are Actually Timeless

Is it summer yet?

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

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1. A black and white belted one piece.

$49.49, Simply Be.

Sizes 8-24.

2. A colorblocked suit in shades of red.

$44.99, ModCloth.

Sizes XS-XL.

3. A sunshiny bikini with daisy appliqués.

$39.99, Vender Store.

Sizes S-M.

4. A nautical set you'll want to do the ~twist~ in.

$12.95, Amazon.

Sizes XXS-XXL.

5. A (not yellow) polka dot bikini.

$29.99 for top, $22.42 for bottom, Ashley Stewart.

Sizes 12-26.

6. A pinup-inspired halter one piece.

$85, Collective Hearts.

Sizes XS-XL.

7. A sweet floral and bow combo.

$56, Bikini Boo.

Sizes S-L.

8. A groovy gold plunge.

$56, Bikini Boo.

Sizes S-XL.

9. A navy bandeau that might ~ruffle~ some feathers.

$125, Cherries Swim.

Sizes XS-XL.

10. A sporty zig-zag suit straight from the 60's.

$39.99 for top, $34.99 for bottom, ModCloth.

Sizes XS-XL.

11. A Bardot-at-the-beach bikini top.

$19.90, Forever 21.

Sizes S-L.

12. High rise bottoms with a belt and faux pockets.

$29.95, Aerie.


13. A mod black and white suit.

$109.99, ModCloth.

Sizes S-XL.

14. A buttoned up bikini.

$85, Collective Hearts.

Sizes XS-XL.

15. A simple bathing suit that's all about the back.

$79, Goose Skin.

Sizes XS-L.

16. A ruched bikini that comes in six different colors.

$12.90 for top, $11.90 for bottom, Forever 21.

Sizes XL-3X.

17. A 70's deep plunge.

$43, ASOS.

Sizes 0-14 (also available in other colors in tall and petite).

18. Frilly high waist bottoms that add a lil' something extra.

$40.42, Rebecca Jones Apparel.


19. A neon crocheted one piece.

$49.95, Aerie.

Sizes XS-XXL.

20. A suit set that could double as streetwear.

$46 for top, $46 for bottoms, Unique Vintage.

Sizes 6-14.

21. An animal print two-piece that will make you say "rawr."

$74 for top, $54 for bottom, Pinup Girl Clothing.

Sizes XL-4X.

22. A gingham getup.

$56 for top, $62 for bottom, Pinup Girl Clothing.

Sizes S-4X.

23. A houndstooth number with hourglass piping down the torso.

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