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    53 Clever Products That Might Make You Think "I Need An Upgrade"

    The stuff you already own, but make it ✨better.✨

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An odor-neutralizing trashcan with a step-on opening mechanism so you don't have to touch it with your germy, chicken-breast hands when cleaning up mid-cook.

    Someone stepping on the foot pedal to open the stainless steel trash can

    2. A set of Parachute percale sheets made of 100% Egyptian cotton for a lightweight and cool, breathable yet unbelievably soft and cozy feel. Sounds like a paradox, but they're like magic.

    3. A Bearaby weighted blanket if you love your current one (or even have just been wanting to try one) but want something that won't overheat you — and one that's so cute, you'll want to keep it on display.

    The white cotton knit blanket on a sofa

    4. A rapid car charger with a whopping FIVE USB ports and a 5-FOOT cable to power up the whole family's devices on the go. No more fighting, kids!

    Three of the chargers, with three ports on top and two on the bottom, in white and pink, blue and black, and orange and white

    5. An Always Pan designed to do the work of EIGHT pieces of regular old cookware if you've already reaaallllly run out of cabinet space. It comes with a lockable lid, steamer basket, pouring spout, and a nesting spatula with a built-in rest.

    6. An at-home manicure kit from Olive and June with everything you need to get to prep, polish, and perfect your nails with ease, including their famous Poppy handle, to help you ~get a grip~ on any polish.

    7. A Dash toaster with a *see through* window for monitoring the darkness of your Eggo, bagel, or toast. As someone with Very Strong Feelings about the proper toast color, this is a game-changer.

    The toaster in black with text that says "large window. never burn toast again!"

    8. An ~immersive~ LED backlight for your TV that brings the colors on your screen into the room for a truly riveting viewing experience. It senses the colors on the screen in real time, and you can even hook it up to your Google Home or Alexa for voice control!

    9. A Nutribullet with a full-size blender and two to-go blender cups for anyone who loves smoothies, hummus, soup, and other blended delicacies you don't need to make A TON of at a time — but hates using extra dishes. AKA every single person. Your old blender wishes it could.

    The blender set whipping up a smoothie

    10. A kit of magnetic false eyelashes (plus liner) for a dramatic look that's way easier to apply than the old-fashioned glue. And they'll *stay on* all day/all night. Just put them back on the (also magnetic) holder and you can rewear 'em.

    The four sets of lashes in different lengths and densities

    11. A stylish acrylic block and set of sleek black knives, because this'll really dress up your kitchen — and the bonus is they actually are really great knives too!

    12. A pair of Allbirds fluffy wool sneakers so comfy, you can even wear them without socks. Seriously, these are just about the most comfy walking shoes of all time, and I'm not the only one to think so. And the sherpa-style outer is so on trend!

    The cream, fluffy exterior lace-up sneakers

    13. An air fryer (from the makers of the INSTANT POT!!) so you can crisp up leftovers, make homemade versions of your favorite fried foods (without having to deal with hot oil), and more.

    14. A stainless steel, dishwasher safe ice cream scoop with a ~chiseled edge~ and ergonomic grip to make dishing up a sundae feel less like arm day at the gym.

    The pink scoop scooping out ice cream with reviewer text "this scoop went through ice cream like a hot knife through butter"

    15. A tube of Nars' Radiant Creamy concealer to make under-eye circles and other spots or unevenness disappear with just a few swipes of its highlighting formula with *light-diffusing technology*. This is about the only makeup I've been putting on while WFH and it really does the trick.

    A model with dark circles and uneven skin on the left, the same model on the right with no dark circles and evened out skin

    16. A Nespresso Vertuo Plus that'll save both counter space (it's super slim for a Nesoresso) ~aNd~ the amount of money you spend at your local coffee shop on high-quality espressos and coffees.

    17. A *cordless* weighted "jump rope" if you want an at-home cardio option, but hate that slapping-on-floor sound (or have downstairs neighbors who *also* don't like it). No tangles make these easy for transport too!

    The jump "rope" which is handles connected to two weighted balls rather than a full cord

    18. An ice sphere mold so you can whip up stunning (and slower melting) cubes to keep your fancy — or not-so-fancy — drinks colder than regular cubes without watering them down. Plus they come with a cool funnel lid for easy filling!

    19. A vintage-y 8-in-1 entertainment center that'll do it all: play records, stream music from your phone via Bluetooth, record from vinyl, CD, or cassette directly to USB, AND play CDs, cassettes, aaaaand AM/FM radio. It's time for a living room dance party.

    The wooden record player on a table

    20. A mini (but bright and powerful) multimedia projector (and screen!) perfect for turning any room into a mini movie theater. Just plug in a phone, gaming system, streaming stick (including the Amazon Fire TV stick), or laptop.

    A reviewer's backyard setup with the projector screen

    21. A subtle, geometric removable peel-and-stick wallpaper to dress up your walls, furniture, or even shelves with ease if you've been thinking about a home refresh (like all of us are, am I right??) — no need to watch YouTube videos or hire a wallpaper installer.

    A sofa in front of a wall with the white and grey geometric wallpaper on it

    22. A microfiber towel-material pillowcover with a waterproof lining so you can go to bed with freshly-washed hair without ruining your pillowcase — and so you can sleep comfortably.

    Model sleeping on a pink and grey pillowcase

    23. An incredibly real-looking faux fur throw blanket to give any home a touch of interior-design-magazine-meets-Winterfell luxe.

    The brown furry blanket draped over a couch

    24. Fenty Stunna Lip Paint, a 12-hour liquid lipstick specifically designed to look good on lit'rally everyone — and feel lightweight, not sticky or excessively dry. Seriously, just check out the product photos and reviews.

    25. A Philips sunrise-mimicking light and alarm clock, because not only does it wake you up gradually and naturally, but it also has a *reverse* sunset mode that slowly fades away, while you fade out of consciousness yourself.

    The alarm clock glowing orange to mimic a sunrise

    26. A set of three scrubbing attachments you simply add to any power drill to make cleaning your tub, floor, appliances, or even the wheels of your car ridiculously fast and easy. No more elbow grease using regular sponges or wipes — cleaning just got upgraded.

    27. An electric wine opener that'll open a bottle in seconds while you just stand there and watch, seriously reducing the amount of time you have to wait before having a glass of wine.

    The steps of using the bottle opener: just attach, press, and watch it remove

    28. A fan-favorite Dyson cordless stick vacuum, because the stress of getting every dust bunny shouldn't ~weigh~ heavily upon you. This bb is super lightweight, so you can reach those pesky corner cobwebs without tiring out your arms, and it sucks up hair, dust, and deep-set carpet dirt in no time flat.

    29. And a Hoover Power Scrub carpet-cleaning machine that'll save you so much money on cleaning services in the long run. It has a deep clean mode to make ground-in stains a thing of the past *and* a quick clean mode for routine cleanings that'll get your carpets dry in just 45 minutes.

    30. A (thinner! waterproof!) Kindle Paperwhite with a glare-free screen so you feel like you're reading an *actual* book — without having to have to schlep around a heavy 1,000-page volume (looking at you, A Song of Ice and Fire). And it'll store THOUSANDS of books, so you can take a whole library with you.

    Hand holding the black Kindle in a pool

    31. A stylish acrylic Squatty Potty to make pooping easier so constipation is no longer a #1 (or should we say #2) consternation.

    The clear stool in front of a toilet

    32. A Blueland essentials cleaning kit so you can 1. actually keep your home clean 2. stop overpaying for packaging of traditional cleaners 3. cut back your plastic use. And you can even subscribe so you never run out — no excuses now.

    The cleaning kit

    33. A pair of cushiony Ugg Australian sheepskin inserts that are better than those cheap cut-to-your-own size insoles — now you can transform any pair of shoes into Uggs for comfort *and* warmth.

    The fluffy cream insoles

    34. A hooded lounger made in a fabric they call "marshmallow" —THAT'S how soft it is. It goes down to about knee-length, so you can wear it as a dress, or over leggings or sweatpants for extra warmth.

    Model in the blue knit hoodie dress

    35. A splurge-worthy Samsung Frame TV if you don't want to waste your precious wall space on just a television. When this bb is off you can set it to look like a photo or a piece of art — and it comes in a chic frame so no one will be the wiser.

    36. A pair of Beats Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones with up to nine hours of listening time, adjustable over-the-ear hooks for stay-in-place comfort, and sweat and water-resistance so you can feel confident mid-workout *and* truly enjoy your tunes, thanks to the stellar sound.

    BuzzFeed editor with the white headphones in her hand

    37. A pair of Spanx Perfect Black Pants for all the feel of leggings, but the look of skinny-cut black pants. Now you can have the best of both worlds, whether you're at home or out and about. Comfort + style = dreams really do come true.

    Model in the pants

    38. A ~Multi-tasker~ makeup brush with four tools in one (concealer sponge, blush brush, brow brush, and eyeshadow brush) so you can keep just *one* thing at your desk, in your purse, etc. for touchups throughout the day.

    39. A pack of virtually unbreakable hair ties specifically designed for long and thick hair. No slipping, no stretching out, and no damage to your strands.

    40. Or a pack of Kitsch satin scrunchies that'll work just like a satin pillowcase — but on the go — to fight frizz, breakage, and other hair damage.

    The scrunchie with text "saving my hair from damage, one sleep at a time)

    41. A Kiss Instawave automatic curling iron that rotates to create curls or waves in seconds. All you need to do is press the button and watch the magic happen.

    A reviewer with straight hair before using, and voluminous waves after

    42. A pair of pointy-toe patent flats available in five shades of nude and with a cushioned sole you can really pound the pavement in.

    Model wearing the middle of the five shades of shoe, with all five pictured

    43. A pet hair-removing roller with a patented brush design (and *no* adhesive strips to replace) to rid your lovely black sofa of all your furry friend's shedding in a quick roll — so you can get back to cuddling together. Adhesive lint rollers and other devices only WISH they could

    44. A bidet toilet attachment that'll ~clean the crap out of~ your butt (more thoroughly and with less waste than TP) with just a quick squirt, so you can use less toilet paper *and* feel cleaner. That's a win-win.

    The bidet controls on the side of the toilet, and a jet of water coming out of the bidet inside the bowl

    45. A Foreo Luna Mini 2, a silicone face-cleansing brush designed to wash and exfoliate, scrubbing every drop of makeup, dirt, and oil from your face with each vibrating pulse. No replacement heds (a la Clarisonic), and the charge lasts for a looong time.

    Myself using the pink device with text "makeup, dead skin cells, excess oil, grim, etc. All gone in 60 seconds"

    46. An under-the-sink water filtration system to help you kiss your Brita goodbye and pour a glass of the good stuff straight from the tap. And fun fact: It's designed to be installed in under three minutes.

    A reviewer photo showing a used filter turned completely brown, and an unused one that's all white

    47. A countertop wood-fire pizza oven, because outdoor parties are *the* thing right now, and the results from this compared to your boring old inside oven? Next level.

    48. A Burst electric toothbrush for all the benefits of the non-manual kind (more effective cleaning! two-minute timer!) *plus* a toothbrush head subscription program so you can make sure you're effectively brushing without even having to think about it.

    Hand holding the toothbrush in black

    49. And a Waterpik that'll take all the work out of flossing (including...buying floss at all). Just aim the nozzle, and a targeted jet of water'll get right in between your teeth, removing plaque and food particles without irritating your gums — or cutting off the circulation to your fingertips like regular floss.