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31 iPhone Games You Should Be Playing Already

For those ~not gonna leave the house~ days.

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite underrated iPhone games. Here are the results:


1. Blendoku 2

"You arrange color blocks into gradients and it's the most soothing thing in the entire world. I played a hundred levels in the first two days!"

Submitted by Electropianist.

Free for iPhone and Android.

2. Plague, Inc.

"What could be better than creating an infectious pathogen and killing off the world?"

Submitted by Christian Roth.

Free for iPhone and Android.

3. Atomas

Atomas is puzzle game with a bit of science thrown in, where you combine smaller atoms to discover new elements.*

*Will not get you out of chemistry class.

Submitted by Marie-Claude Bennett, Facebook.

Free for iPhone and Android.

4. 1010!

"It’s an addictive, Tetris-like game that I’ve been hooked on for months. Usually I grow tired of puzzle games, but not this one!"

Submitted by Hannah H.

Free for iPhone and Android.

5. Evil Apples

"It's Cards Against Humanity in app form and I've been shamelessly addicted since I downloaded it."

Submitted by CapnGeech.

Free for iPhone and Android.

6. Color Switch

Tap the screen to move the colored ball through a series of neon obstacles.

Submitted by Madison Thomsen.

Free for iPhone and Android.

7. Crossfingers

"It's like Unblock Me meets Tetris, but sometimes you have to use multiple fingers."

Submitted by Matthew's Muse.

Free for iPhone.

8. Two Dots

"Addiction level = 1000."

Submitted by Thomas L.

Free for iPhone and Android.

9. Little Alchemy

"Start with elements and mix them together to make new things! There's hundreds of difference combinations to discover so it really is a time-consuming game. I highly recommend it."

Submitted by Florhdz.

Free for iPhone and Android.

10. Infinite Loop

"It's so relaxing."

Submitted by Riona W.

Free for iPhone and Android.

11. Alphabear

"A way cuter and bear-filled version of Scrabble."

Submitted by Induzriel.

Free for iPhone and Android.

12. Stop

"Download at your own risk! It will consume your life!"

Submitted by Dawn and Piplup.

Free for iPhone and Android.

13. Smash Hit

"Basically you get to break things."

Submitted by Pauline Schwartzman.

Free for iPhone and Android.

14. Cow Evolution

"Mootate" your herd of cows into increasingly strange creatures, earning you coins.

Submitted by Marisa F.

Free for iPhone and Android.

15. 94%

Like Family Feud, but you have to make your own version of Steve Harvey's facial expressions.

Submitted by Sneaky Bear.

Free for iPhone and Android.

16. Shades

Shades is basically a minimalist version of Tetris with a twist. And it's equally addictive.

Submitted by Kladys.

Free for iPhone and Android.

17. Lifeline

"I loved choose-your-own-adventure books as a kid, and this game definitely feeds into that. It's played in real time, so there are lengthy breaks when I can actually be a productive member of society."

Submitted by Taylor D.

Free for iPhone, $.99 for Android.

18. Drop 7

"Way, way too fucking addictive. I rarely download gamed and played it constantly until I had to delete it because I was constantly checking out."

Submitted by Cecilia W.

Free for iPhone and Android.

19. Surfingers

Control the height of the waves as you take a li'l surfer through all sorts of environments.

Submitted by Carrington F.

Free for iPhone and Android.

20. Forest Home

"You have to help the cute little animals find their way home. And it gets pretty challenging at times!"

Submitted by R47.

Free for iPhone and Android.

21. Brain It On!

"You have to draw shapes to complete tasks, but you really have to think of the effect of the shape on the other objects, etc. It's amazing!"

Submitted by Raina P.

Free for iPhone and Android.

22. Griddlers Plus

"A typical picross logic game, but it has thousands of levels in all difficulties and constantly more get added. It also has little advertising, which you barely notice."

Submitted by Nico.

Free for Android.

23. Four Letters

"You're given four scrambled letters and with every round, you get less time to make a word out of it. I get super competitive with my friends and the time goes by so quick, it makes for a great fast break in between homework."

Submitted by Jessica U.

Free for iPhone and Android.

24. Rop

"So addicting."

Submitted by Magdalena M.

Free for iPhone and Android.

25. Colorfy

"It's an amazing adult coloring book app with hundreds of colors and designs. It's incredibly relaxing and practically therapeudic!"

Submitted by Madi W.

Free for iPhone and Android.

26. Bonza

"t's like a crossword puzzle... only backward."

Submitted by Denaems.

Free for iPhone and Android.

27. Super Sharp

This game based off Cut The Rope is addictive without being mind-numbing. And the design is super cool.

Submitted by Nikhi Makhijani.

$1.99 for iPhone.


28. Out There

"A space game where you travel to planets and meet enemies along the way and gather difference technologies. It's really hard to beat. It's really interesting."

Submitted by Cetrick.

$4.99 for iPhone and Android.

29. Space Agency

"You build a rocket and blast off into space. You can even build a space station!"

Submitted by Darren Haushinkas.

$1.99 for iPhone, free for Android.

30. Alto's Adventure

"You snowboard to catch runaway llamas, and do tricks to get points. Not to mention the really awesome graphics."

Submitted by Jodie C.

$2.99 for iPhone.

31. Prune

Prune is a puzzle game where you basically grow a tree in a gorgeously minimalist setting.

Submitted by Grace G.

$3.99 for iPhone and Android.

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