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31 iPhone Games You Should Be Playing Already

For those ~not gonna leave the house~ days.

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite underrated iPhone games. Here are the results:

1. Blendoku 2

2. Plague, Inc.

3. Atomas

Atomas is puzzle game with a bit of science thrown in, where you combine smaller atoms to discover new elements.*

*Will not get you out of chemistry class.

Submitted by Marie-Claude Bennett, Facebook.

Free for iPhone and Android.

4. 1010!

5. Evil Apples

6. Color Switch

7. Crossfingers

8. Two Dots

9. Little Alchemy

"Start with elements and mix them together to make new things! There's hundreds of difference combinations to discover so it really is a time-consuming game. I highly recommend it."

Submitted by Florhdz.

Free for iPhone and Android.

10. Infinite Loop

11. Alphabear

"A way cuter and bear-filled version of Scrabble."

Submitted by Induzriel.

Free for iPhone and Android.

12. Stop

13. Smash Hit

14. Cow Evolution

15. 94%

16. Shades

Shades is basically a minimalist version of Tetris with a twist. And it's equally addictive.

Submitted by Kladys.

Free for iPhone and Android.

17. Lifeline

18. Drop 7

19. Surfingers

20. Forest Home

21. Brain It On!

22. Griddlers Plus

23. Four Letters

24. Rop

25. Colorfy

26. Bonza

27. Super Sharp

28. Out There

29. Space Agency

30. Alto's Adventure

31. Prune

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