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Oct 16, 2014

27 TV-Inspired Costumes For The Laziest Halloweeners

Because Halloween prep takes too much time away from your Netflix binge.

Chris Ritter / Buzzfeed

For Singletons

1. Lumpy Space Princess From Adventure Time / Via

What you'll need: A bunch of inflated purple balloons, a gold star, all of the attitude.

2. Keith Morrison From Dateline / Via

What you'll need: Sport jackets, button-down, white hairspray, love of all things creepy and murder-y.

Bonus points: Narrate the potential murder mystery of your friends' lives throughout the night.

3. Carrie From Homeland / Via

What you'll need: DIY some mascara tear tracks, a wobbly chin, blonde wig, and one of those Bar Mitzvah blow-up saxophones (because she loves jazz).

Take it further: Carry around a diagram white board of your color-coded theories. Also a terror alert chart.

4. Jess From New Girl / Via

What you'll need: Polka-dot dress, bangs, glasses, adorkable personality.

5. Frank Underwood From House of Cards

Netflix / Via

What you'll need: Suit, propensity of breaking the fourth wall, giant plate of ribs, knocking on all tables.

Go big: Slowly take over the party you're attending, eventually being sworn in as host.

6. Doctor Oz / Via

What you'll need: Some scrubs from your doctor friend, some "superfood," and a whole lot of talking about poop.

7. Anyone From Once Upon a Time

What you'll need: Any of these 31 Disney Costume Tutorials but just add a little extra weirdness to make it Once Upon a Time-y. Like a backstory involving an ogre war or an evil version of Bo Peep or something.

8. Guy Fieri From Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives / Via

What you'll need: Blonde temporary spray and gel for frosted tips, ridiculous bowling-type shirt, a hoop earring, facial hair. Call things "money," and every hour, yell, "I'm driving the bus to flavortown!"

Take it further: Eat the biggest food item you can find as messily as possible throughout the night.

9. Mary Queen of Scots From Reign / Via

What you'll need: Any maxi dress, literally all the jewelry, put lots of random braids in your hair, add a flower crown or tiara. Make it as un-historically accurate as possible.

Bonus points: Draw a red line on your neck where Queen Elizabeth will have your head removed.

For Duos

10. Selena and Gary From Veep

HBO / Via

For Selena: Red dress, flag pin, foul mouth.

For Gary: Suit, enormous purse.

Bonus points: Gary should whisper information about other party guests or friends into Selena's ear all night.

11. Claire and Jaime From Outlander


For Claire: Brown curls, lots of knitwear and flowy fabrics, pocket full of weird herbs.

For Jaime: Plaid, rugged good looks, Scottish accent.

12. Jon Snow and Yigritte From Game of Thrones

For Jon Snow: Your girlfriend's trendy faux fur vest from a couple years ago, all black everything. You should probably know nothing.

For Yigritte: Your own faux fur vest from a couple years ago, red hair, bow and arrows. Alternatively, a sheet ghost.

13. Tim Gunn and a Hideous Dress From Project Runway / Via

For Tim Gunn: Impeccable suit, gray hair. Say, "This worries me" to the dress all evening.

For the dress: Find a garish old thrift-store gown and tear it apart. Strut as if you were on a catwalk all night. #Done.

14. Mary and Matthew From Downton Abbey / Via

For Mary: Dust off that 1920s costume from a couple years ago, frown a lot.

For Matthew: Sheet ghost. Too soon?

15. Tina Belcher and Jimmy Pesto Jr. From Bob's Burgers / Via

For Tina: Barette, blue top, blue skirt, square glasses, love of all butts.

For Jimmy: Headphones, vest, dance your feelings throughout the night.

16. Sherlock and Watson From Sherlock

For Sherlock: Contour some cheekbones, black coat with popped collar, deduction skills to demonstrate annoyingly often.

For Watson: Cable-knit sweater, cane, air of exasperation (mustache is optional).

17. 9th Doctor and Rose From Doctor Who / Via

For the 9th Doctor: Leather jacket, funky dance moves, Northern English accent.

For Rose: Pink top or Union Jack tee, leather jacket, blonde hair.

Take it further: Have your third-wheel friend go as a living plastic mannequin from the inaugural episode of the reboot. *Run for your life!*

18. Damon and Elena From Vampire Diaries / Via

What you need: Trendy clothes, leather jackets, whatever's in your closet. Also vampire teeth.

19. Sheldon Cooper and Amy From The Big Bang Theory / Via

For Sheldon: Comic book–themed tee layered with a long-sleeve tee. Only say "bazinga."

For Amy: Barette, glasses, grandpa sweater, button-down, unrequited lust.

20. Temperance Brennan and a Victim From Bones

Fox Broadcasting Co.

For Brennan: A lab coat, an ID badge, social ineptitude.

For the victim: That skeleton costume from five years ago. BOOM. Reuse.

For Groups

21. Any of the Real Housewives

What you'll need: Plastic wine glasses, enormous diamond ring, artfully curled hair, very loud voice. Maybe some mascara tear tracks.

22. Various Clones on Orphan Black

For Cosima: Glasses, dreads, nose ring, science. (Nasal cannula optional.)

For Sarah: Side part, punk attitude, leather jacket. (Daughter optional.)

For Alison: Bangs, ponytail, suburban mom clothes, bottle of alcohol.

For Helena: Frizzy blonde wig, under-eye circles, air of craziness.

23. Contestants From The Bachelor/The Bachelorette / Via

What you'll need: Old high school dance dresses, suits, everyone but one person gets a rose. Drama ensues.

24. Inmates From Orange Is the New Black


What you'll need: Orange prison uniform/beige prison uniform, questionable-looking food.

Bonus points: Maxi-pad flip-flops, screwdriver shiv.

25. The Kardashians / Via

For each Kardashian: Bandage dress, dark wig, all the bronzer.

26. "A" and the Liars from Pretty Little Liars

For the Liars: Just grab some Forever 21 pseudo-trends, a curling iron, and you and four friends are good to go.

For "A:" A black hoodie and tube of lipstick for writing threats on mirrors.

27. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Fox Broadcasting Co.

For Charlie, as Green Man: Green morph suit.

For Dee: Wear a feather boa and a beak, ask why everyone is calling you a bird.

For Mac as Night Man: Black karate outfit, hella eyeliner, cat-eye contacts.

For Dennis: Sweater, button-down, D.E.N.N.I.S. Method on poster board.

Bonus points: Drink unlabeled bottles of beer, be the worst people in the world. Revel in it.

Double bonus points: For Rickety Cricket, dig out old priest costume, make it very ragged.