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    29 Times Tom Hiddleston Was Your Perfect Boyfriend

    Accept the female gaze.

    1. Pretty much any time he wears a suit.

    2. Pretty much any time he wears anything.

    3. When his arms were perfect for selfies.

    4. Every time he dances.

    It's just too much.

    5. When he was good with children in character as Loki.

    6. When he was good with children while working with Unicef.

    7. When he did a spot-on Owen Wilson impression during a Q&A.

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    Seriously so good.

    8. When he shared his golden rule.

    9. When he read Lord Byron's "She Walks in Beauty" aloud.

    10. When he wasn't afraid to show his sensitive side.

    11. Any time he talks about Shakespeare.

    12. When he sang in preparation for a Hank Williams biopic.

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    13. When he campaigned for climate change.

    14. When he was adorably bad at math.

    15. When he stunned with blonde hair.

    16. And with brown hair.

    17. And with red hair.

    18. Any time he adorably swears.

    19. When he so generously wore a white shirt to do the ice bucket challenge.

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    20. When he supported Emma Watson's #HeForShe campaign.

    .@EmWatson you are impeccable & extraordinary. I stand with you. I believe in gender equality. #heforshe

    21. When he was asked "What's the most surprising thing on your iPod?"

    22. When he looked beautiful in uniform in War Horse.

    23. Any time he randomly apologizes.

    24. When he taught Cookie Monster a lesson in delayed gratification.

    25. When he became F. Scott Fitzgerald in Midnight in Paris.

    26. When he thanked his mom after winning Glamour Man of the Year. *Swoon*

    27. When he spoke French.

    28. That one time he impersonated a velociraptor.

    29. And all the times he did anything. Ever.