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18 Ultra-Personalized Gifts To Keep For Yourself

You only get the best for the very best.

1. Pillows for when you want to hug yourself really tight.

2. A book to record all the best selfies, à la Kim Kardashian.

$12, Knock Knock.

3. Y-front undies to get ~up close and personal~.

4. An old-timey military portrait to give you certain command.

5. Ping pong paddles to really get your head in the game.

6. Specific notebooks for all your best wonderful marvelous thoughts.

7. A selfie toaster that will make any sandwich way hotter, amirite?

8. Dishes to celebrate how much you love your bestie (and yourself).

9. Personalized classic novels that are all about YOU.

10. Nail art stamping plates that put the 'I' in manicure.

11. An 8"x11" marshmallow that proves you're a total sweetheart.

12. A cushion for the self-absorbed pet, or one that gets really confused when looking in a mirror.

13. Stickers to make your mark on all important documents.

14. Keychains that are too adorable to ever leave your keys behind.

15. Cufflinks to carry a little reminder of how good you look in profile.

16. Embroidered towels to mark where to wipe your face (not your butt!).

17. Cookie cutters to remind you that you are one smart cookie.

18. Paper dolls so you can play with yourself when you get bored.

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