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    41 Tips And Tricks For Anyone Who Wants To Get Better At Doing Their Hair

    Just get ready for your friends to make you the Designated Braider of the friend group.

    1. Create a gorge updo in two simple motions: twist + pin. Hello hair that's the perfect combo of old-timey elegance and modern effortlessness.

    A chart showing how to do the hairstyle

    And pro tip: You may have been putting your bobby pins in wrong your whole life. The wavy side is supposed to go *down*!.

    A PSA illustration to put the wavy side down

    2. Take the arm workout out of styling your hair with a Kiss Instawave automatic curling iron that rotates to create curls or waves in seconds. All you need to do is press the button and watch the magic happen. If you're a curling newbie with straight-ish hair, reviewers say this is for *you*.

    3. Or twist your locks around flexible foam rods for overnight curls with zero heat damage. Use the largest size for loose, blowout-worthy waves and the smallest size for the tightest curls.

    4. Add some polished flair to your standard pony, braid, or bun with a set of hair elastics complete with bows already tied on.

    5. Twist your braids into a pretty crown ponytail that looks impressive but is actually easy! Just roll or twist for a lovely and face-framing 'do in just two quick steps.

    6. For the look above or any style with heavy or thick hair, tie it all together with Burlybands, the ultimate hair tie specially designed for lots of hair — it won't stretch out or tug uncomfortably on your scalp. 🙌

    A model with thick wavy hair with the burlyband thick ponytail holder in their hair

    7. Learn the easiest way to tease your hair to amp up your strands in no time ~flat~. Just section out small sections, backcomb with a teasing brush (check out our recommended pick below), and then smooth out for big-but-polished hair.

    A chart showng the steps of teasing, starting with the back of the hair, then sides

    8. For the highest heights, use a top-rated teasing comb with a mix of boar and nylon multi-level bristles to create mega height with only a few brushstrokes.

    9. And bump up the volume and make it last all day with Living Proof's Dry Volume Blast, which is tbh the best volumizing product on the market. It smells great, lasts and lasts, and leaves hair feeling touchably soft, NOT stiff or crunchy.

    A model with half their hair styled using the product to show how big it gets

    10. Blow your hair out without having to hold a dryer AND a round brush by opting for a Revlon one-step drying brush with a unique oval-shaped barrel so you can get super close to your scalp for smooth hair and majorly boosted volume at the roots.

    A before/after of a reviewer with wet, wavy hair, and then a sleek but voluminous blowout

    11. Or if you want even more options, try Dyson's Air Wrap Complete, a six-in-one hair dryer and styler that's basically like magic (if you've seen the TikToks, you know). It comes with a pre-styling dryer, two smoothing brushes, and two sizes of curling barrels — all which use hot air to dry *and* style your hair in one. With no damage in sight!

    12. If you got Quarantine Bangs and you're not sure how to style them, look no further! Section them off with a round brush (or use the Revlon or Dyson dryers above) and blow them down, down, down for perky volume.

    The bang tutorial

    13. Look like you tried this morning by wrapping whatever updo you already have doing on in a pretty fabric scrunchie ranging in sizes from mini to XL so you can choose the size of your statement (while keeping your hair back and protected). These are serious messy bun upgrades.

    14. Try a half-up hairstyle with a twist that's *knot* difficult at all.

    A chart showing how to tie the hair in a knot

    15. Skip the heat styling and create beachy waves with a simple sleep-on-it hairdo. Let your hair air dry partially so it's damp, twist into two pigtails and pin on top of your head so you can sleep comfortably. You're gonna wake up to a very good hair day.

    16. Prep a party-ready hairstyle on coily hair by tucking your hair into (pretty!) bobby pins half way down your head, and letting the rest bounce free. Who's ready for a dance?

    A hairdresser pinning bobbypins in this style on a model

    17. Pop on a twisted headband that *looks* like a scarf — perfect for anyone who is not exactly great at tying — or is tired of silky scarves slipping out constantly. ::raises hand::

    Three twist-top floral print headbands

    18. Remember not to over (or under) do the product — we don't want weighed-down, limp hair...but we also want mega-moisturized strands. Each hair type is different (my curly hair needs....a lot of hydration), but this general guide should help:

    Graphic of beauty serving size illustrated with food items

    19. Add texture and body to your air drying routine with Bumble & Bumble's Don't Blow It styling cream that boosts texture and volume for a perfectly undone look.

    The two tubes of product, one that enhances texture and body (for thin hair) and one that reduces frizz and adds control (for thick hair)

    20. Dry your gorgeous hair in a uniquely-shaped diffuser attachment which scoops your curls into their natural pattern and dries them in place, reducing frizz and increasing definition AND shine.

    21. After or during styling, keep your hair out of your face without creating dents or bumps with a set of cute crease-free clips. Don't ruin all that hard work! We're all about maintaining that hairstyle for days.

    The white, pink, and black clips with plastic edging to prevent creasing

    22. Make your braids thiccccer by spritzing hair with a highly-rated texturizing powder — *and* use a Dutch braid technique (literally a regular braid but upside-down).

    All you do is wrap hair *under* instead of over as you braid — then you can pull out and flatten the pieces of the braid out to make it look so much fuller. See what a difference that makes? Hair for days!

    The hair before and after being pulled out to make it look much thicker

    23. Turn your tapered cut into this deceptively easy updo with just six bobby pins (six!!).

    the tapered cut updo tutorial

    24. Accept help in the form of a borderline miraculous bun-maker so you can shape an effortless bun — and keep it locked down all day.

    25. Take a hairstyling beach vacation with Captain Blankenship's sea salt spray that'll give you effortless mermaid waves.

    The spray bottle

    Pro tip: Spritz the sea salt spray and immediately blow dry — it'll melt the product into your strands without leaving it crunchy.

    The spray next to a blow dryer

    26. Rock a frohawk in just a few quick and easy steps — and with jut a few hair ties.

    27. Rest your eyes (and your hair) on a pretty silk pillowcase to wake up with less damaged, frizzy locks...making that second day look so much easier.

    28. Bump up your regular hairdo (or hide dirty hair or grown-in roots) with a glitzy headband to make you feel fancy without having to actually do anything else. This is my #1 pretend-I-have-my-stuff-together hair hack, tbh.

    A model with a curly pixie cut wearing a skinny gold headband

    29. Get that on-trend slicked-back look you've all seen over Instagram and on your fave celebs in no time flat. Because you deserve red carpet-ready hair on a random Tuesday.

    30. Use bobby pins as hair art — put your hair in a normal bun or pinned back, and then place the pins in your hair to form chevrons (like pictured on the left), triangles, or whatever shape your heart desires.

    A screenshot form the video of bobby pins forming a chevron shape

    31. Or load up on adorable hair accessories to jazz up even the most boring hair day — or, you know, distract from how dirty your hair is. Statement-making hair accessories *continue* to be a super big trend rn!

    The slides and clips

    32. Convince people you shelled out big buck$ for pastel hair at the salon, but without the expense or commitment; all you need is L'Oréal Colorista semi-permanent hair color.

    33. Try a five-in-one curling iron so you can create infinite looks without hogging up all your drawer space. Just pop on the different sized barrels and you can use it to create a vintagey '50s updo, a tousled just-woke-up lob, or mermaid-inspired waves. The limit (to your style choices) does not exist!

    34. Opt for a gym hairstyle that'll stay *in place* and still look amazing long after — without having to immediately wash it. Now you can go to brunch after and look super put together.

    A tutorial for the pinned up braids

    35. And smooth flyaways when you've finally perfected the perfect braided look or updo (or after you're all done hustling at the gym) by smoothing on Kristen Ess's recovery balm stick.

    36. Or use an edge control gel to lay your baby hairs down — no flaking or residue in sight.

    37. Using hot rollers to create a mega voluminous look is easier than it sounds. The trick is to place the rollers in your hair in the right order — in a straight line down the middle of your head, and then finish up the sides.

    The tutorial for a voluminous blowout

    38. Look like you grew mermaid-worthy hair overnight by simply clipping in a set of synthetic extensions with thousands of 5-star reviews. They're even *pre-curled*.

    39. Trick everyone at your newest HBO series obsession viewing party into thinking you're the Mother of Hairstyles with this deceptively easy Daenerys-inspired 'do.

    The tutorial which involves two half-ups that have been flipped upside down

    40. Add a head wrap as a finishing touch to your outfit or chic recovery hairstyle — with these easy cheat sheets you can TOTALLY do it.

    The six step tutorial

    41. Or completely change up your look with a natural-looking wig — did you know there are some really great options on Amazon? Now ya do.

    A reviewer in the straight blunt wig

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