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Aug 2, 2015

31 Throw Pillows That May Trick People Into Thinking You're An Adult

JK adulthood is overrated.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

1. Use this pillow to fully satisfy any request for "hot noods."

2. Point to this if anyone asks how you're doing.

Chances are, it's true.

$38.82, My Bearded Pigeon on Etsy.

3. Throw this at your friend instead of @-ing them on Twitter.

4. Whimsical + French = grown-up, right?


$49.99, Target.

5. Just hold these down when you need a fresh start.

6. Because you're tired of hearing, "You really ~otter~ have a decorated apartment by now."

7. Instead of, "Your apartment looks so cute! Alpaca suitcase and be right over."

Yes, this is a llama. But that didn't work for the pun.

$25.08, Nemki on Etsy.

8. Let this breeze help you forget you don't actually have AC.

9. And bring a little taste of home wherever you may roam.

10. Use this map pillow as an excuse to launch into another story of your study abroad time.

Choose from any of 28 cities.

$24, Jazzberry Blue on Etsy.

11. Keep this around in case someone sasses your DIY skills.

12. Lift this pillow when casting your vote on what to order for dinner on Seamless.

13. Love this pillow to the moon and back.

14. Make the choice to be your very best.

$34.30, Zazzle.

15. Or show off how you totally lettered in couch potato.

16. Because you know you miss school supply shopping.

17. This highland cow will give you serious #hairgoals.

18. For when your FOGO trumps your FOMO.

Fear of going out is a real thing.

$20, Society6.

19. Or when a few too many people show up at your party.

20. Display your squishy feelings toward the entire Harry Potter series.

21. Get cuddlin' with human or animal friends.

22. Plop this right down on a loveseat ~just for two~.

23. Squeeze this real tight when something terrible happens to your OTP.

24. Pelt whoever you just beat in Mario Kart with this beauty.

$11, Amazon.

25. Groundhog Day-ify your favorite day. Forever.

26. Use this so no stray butts end up in ~your~ chair.

27. Keep this at your desk, in case you're in a pickle. Or if you think you might get canned.


$20, Society6.

28. Pretend to be a mutant turtle and eat all the pizza.

29. *Do not actually eat this pillow.*

30. Because duh.

31. It you.

$29.99, Target.

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