31 Throw Pillows That May Trick People Into Thinking You’re An Adult

JK adulthood is overrated.

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1. Use this pillow to fully satisfy any request for “hot noods.”

$20, Society6.

2. Point to this if anyone asks how you’re doing.

Chances are, it’s true.

$38.82, My Bearded Pigeon on Etsy.

3. Throw this at your friend instead of @-ing them on Twitter.

$29, We Pillow Shop on Etsy.

4. Whimsical + French = grown-up, right?


$49.99, Target.

5. Just hold these down when you need a fresh start.

$49.90, Differen Type on Etsy.

6. Because you’re tired of hearing, “You really ~otter~ have a decorated apartment by now.”

$28.77, Nemki on Etsy.

7. Instead of, “Your apartment looks so cute! Alpaca suitcase and be right over.”

Yes, this is a llama. But that didn’t work for the pun.

$25.08, Nemki on Etsy.

8. Let this breeze help you forget you don’t actually have AC.

$64, Collette Bream on Etsy.

9. And bring a little taste of home wherever you may roam.

$32, Earth Cadets on Etsy.

10. Use this map pillow as an excuse to launch into another story of your study abroad time.

Choose from any of 28 cities.

$24, Jazzberry Blue on Etsy.

11. Keep this around in case someone sasses your DIY skills.

$34, EarthCadets on Etsy.

12. Lift this pillow when casting your vote on what to order for dinner on Seamless.

$20, Society6.

13. Love this pillow to the moon and back.

$32.10, Hannah Doodle on Etsy.

14. Make the choice to be your very best.

$34.30, Zazzle.

15. Or show off how you totally lettered in couch potato.

$19.99, Bed Bath & Beyond.

17. This highland cow will give you serious #hairgoals.

$20, Society6.

18. For when your FOGO trumps your FOMO.

Fear of going out is a real thing.

$20, Society6.

19. Or when a few too many people show up at your party.

$20, Society6.

20. Display your squishy feelings toward the entire Harry Potter series.

$35, Brassington Hollow.

21. Get cuddlin’ with human or animal friends.

$20, Society6.

22. Plop this right down on a loveseat ~just for two~.

$20, Society6.

23. Squeeze this real tight when something terrible happens to your OTP.

$20, Society6.

24. Pelt whoever you just beat in Mario Kart with this beauty.

$11, Amazon.

26. Use this so no stray butts end up in ~your~ chair.

$24.90, Geek and the Chic on Etsy.

27. Keep this at your desk, in case you’re in a pickle. Or if you think you might get canned.


$20, Society6.

28. Pretend to be a mutant turtle and eat all the pizza.

$55, In The Seam.

29. *Do not actually eat this pillow.*

$35, Amazon Homemade.

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