Here's How To Have Cake Whenever You Want

    Some people meal plan smoothies; I meal plan cake.

    Cake suits every mood. Bad day at work? Cake. Great day at work? Cake. Nervous about a date? Cake.

    But sometimes it's midnight on a Thursday and you get ~that craving~.

    And say to yourself "I wish there was a way to have All Access 24/7 Cake within arm's reach."


    This is exactly how I make sure I can have a slice of cake whenever the eff I want:

    Step one: Get a cake. Doesn't matter if you bake one yourself or buy one.

    Step two: Cut that cake.

    *Optional:* After slicing the cake, put saran wrap or wax paper between alternating slices to prevent them from sticking back together before freezing.

    Step three: Stick it in a box or tupperware container so the cake doesn't get squished.

    Make it as airtight as possible.

    Step four: Stick that shit in the freezer.

    Hey, cake-filled freezer.

    Step five: When the ~mood strikes~ take a slice out of the freezer and stick it on a plate.

    Leave it on the counter to thaw for about 30-45 minutes until it reaches room temperature.

    The best part? All the money you'll save on impulse dessert buys.

    And most importantly, when you want cake, NOT HAVING TO LEAVE THE HOUSE.

    ⬇️ This can be you, whenever you want. ⬇️