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37 Things You Should Do Today

What day is it, like Feb. 13 or something?

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7. Catch up on the internet.

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8. Inspect your bellybutton for lint.

9. Cry.

10. Finally learn all the words to "We Didn't Start the Fire."

11. Do your taxes.

12. Play chess. With yourself.

13. Write the word "marble" over and over again until it starts to look weird.

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14. Learn how to roast a chicken.

15. Do two sit-ups. Give up immediately.

16. Create a secret code to share with your closest "friends."

17. Go to a cat café.

18. Cobble some shoes.

19. See how you'd look with a mustache.

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20. Eat all the good parts out of the "healthy" trail mix you bought.

21. Learn quantum theory.

22. Call your mom.

23. Practice writing in cursive for the first time since the age of 8.

24. Sniff your pits to see if your deodorant works.

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25. Read War and Peace.

26. Make a really funny parody Twitter account.

27. Adopt a naked mole rat.

28. Do some general filing.

29. Clean the crumbs out of your laptop keyboard.

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30. Teach yourself the "Thriller" dance.

31. Color in a coloring book.

32. Practice taking the perfect selfie.

33. Memorize a sonnet. Recite it to your cat.

34. Look for money under your couch cushions.

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35. Pluck your chin hairs.

36. Scroll through Netflix for 47 minutes without choosing something to watch.

37. Sleep.

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