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    Updated on Aug 4, 2020. Posted on Aug 2, 2020

    34 Things To Help Fill Your Day At Home If You’re Feeling Like Rapunzel

    Something to "brush and brush and brush and brush your hair" not included.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A giant bubble-making kit so the whole fam can enjoy a magical backyard activity with surprising ease — and take plenty of photos.

    A reviewer using the kit to make a giant, long bubble

    The kit comes with a wand, a pouch of bubble-making concentrate, and a tips-and-tricks booklet.

    Get it from Amazon for $14.95+ (available in three kit sizes, plus unicorn- and space-themed kits).

    Promising review: "I've been looking for ways to cheer up my daughter during this shelter in place so I gave this a shot. The second she saw those giant bubbles her face just lit up. Not only are the bubbles huge but they fly pretty well. The kids in the next apartment complex were giggling as the two-foot bubbles flew over the fence. I am going to need a lot more bubble solution! Best purchase of the year." —Emily B

    2. A foldable exercise bike with all the basic features you need if you don't have space or budget for a Peloton but want access to a quick cardio workout at home. It has a magnetic tension system to up the difficulty, and handy features on the screen so you can track your time, speed, distance, and more!


    And if you're short on space, just fold it up and put it to the side when not in use!

    Promising review: "The day I put a COVID-19 suspension on my gym membership, I researched affordable, maneuverable exercise bikes lest my knees get painful for lack of this daily exercise! It arrived in a large box (40 lbs) but this 70-year-old gal was able to easily drag into my house and unpack. The directions are a little hard to follow and I’m not 'handy' but I was able to add a little reasoning and put it together in less than an hour. Now sheltering in place for two weeks, this bike starts my day each morning. The mechanics and electronics work perfectly and help me set goals each day. It has variable tension settings, seat height options and a seat position for tall and for shorter people. I’m 5-foot-6 and selected the setting for a taller person. The seat height is on the fourth hole so you could drop for shorter biker. I have biked and binge-watched series, biked and worked off creeping anxiety as I watch the news and rolled it onto the deck on an unseasonably warm day to peddle to Led Zeppelin on my headphones. BEST purchase for the money that I’ve made in years; it’s a solid investment in both my physical and mental health!" —SG

    Get it from Amazon for $185.82.

    I bought this bike just as the pandemic was starting this spring, and it was a *great* choice. I put it together in nooooo time flat, with the help of a handy YouTube video (as suggested by one of the reviewers). And the fold-up size is great, but the bike is sturdy and has great features for the price! I love the cushioned seat, which is muuuuuch comfier than most exercise bike seats I've sat on.

    3. A DIY bubble tea kit that'll help you whip up eight servings of delicious boba — it comes with tapioca pearls, earl grey and jasmine green tea, reusable boba-size straws (a must!) and a recipe.

    The kit
    Bobagreen/ Etsy

    Get it from Bobagreen on Etsy for $35+ (available with steel or glass straws).

    Promising review: "I bought this for my sister's birthday and she was thrilled! The packaging is cute and secure, and the quality of bobas and teas are delicious. I would definitely but again for another present." —sophiahaney

    Bobagreen is a WOC-owned Etsy shop based in New York, and they also sell the boba straws and tapioca pearls a la carte!

    4. The most recent version (it has a built-in light now!!) of the original basic Kindle so you can *instantly download* your next read — either from the Kindle store or from your local library's selection of ebooks. No waiting.

    The Kindle in black with text "holds thousands of books"

    It's glare-free, and has an adjustable front light so you can read in ANY lighting condition — including outside and in the dark!

    PSST! Right now, for the same price, you get three months of Kindle Unlimited included!

    Get it from Amazon for $89.99 (available in black and white, and with or without special offers).

    Promising review: "I did not have any other Kindles before this. In fact, I'm a traditional book-in-the-hand reader. I love pages. But I have recently gotten into recycling and I was torn between loving my books and saving trees. I did not expect to love this as much as I did. It is small enough that I can hold it in my child-sized hand. Has a great battery life. No glare screen. You can sync it to Goodreads to keep track of the books you have read. I love that it tells me how far into the book I am and how long it until the end of the chapter. It is really easy to tuck into a purse or a large coat pocket. With the pandemic closing the libraries and only being able to borrow books online, I have definitely been able to keep busy. So happy I had this, it's been my constant companion. Even reduced the time I spent on my phone." —LH

    As a personal note, I love my Kindle SO MUCH, and would definitely consider it the best purchase I made that year. I get books immediately downloaded from the library, and I bring it with me *everywhere* I go. I'm literally reading 10 times as many books a year as I was pre-Kindle.

    5. How To Bake, a cookbook from Paul Hollywood and his baby blues so your cakes, breads, and pastries will no longer be disastrous or over-baked. This bb has tips, tricks, recipes, and step-by-step photos to guide you on the way — hello Star Baker!

    The cover of the book
    Bloomsbury Publishing

    Reviewers agree that the instructions are clear, photos with *each* recipe are super helpful, and the step-by-step instructions helped them get amazing results on their first try.

    Get it from Amazon for $26.49, Bookshop for $36.80 (to support local bookstores), or check your local library.

    Since he's British, the book uses metric measurements (and weighing ingredients is really better for precise baking!) so you might also want to get a handy kitchen scale if you don't have one. You can get a top-rated one from Amazon for $12.99.

    6. A sleek bamboo bath caddy to securely hold your favorite novel, your phone and (most importantly) a glass of wine while you luxuriate amongst the bubbles for hours until eeeevery single last one pops.

    The brown caddy suspended over a free-standing tub

    The organic bamboo resists mold and bacteria, and it's expandable up to 43 inches to fit most tubs (including clawfoot tubs!).

    Get it from Amazon for $44.97 (available in four colors).

    Promising review: "This caddy has been a great addition to my bath time ritual. I feel more comfortable bringing my iPad and iPhone into the bath as the caddy provides secure spots for them so I can catch up on my favorite show while sipping my favorite beverage. It is sturdy and has compartments for everything. Plus, I love the gray color — matches my gray bathroom perfectly!" —Meredith

    If you're concerned about bringing your ereader into the bath, might I suggest the Kindle Paperwhite? It's WATERPROOF!

    7. Drinking Like Ladies, a compilation of 75 cocktail recipes from today's leading women bartenders, for any feminist looking to add a little variety to their weekly, OK daily, happy hour. Here's to us!

    The cover: "75 modern cocktails from the world's leading femal bartender, includes toasts to extraordinary women in history"
    Quarry Books

    Each recipe is inspired by a badass woman of history — including several that are not well-known.

    Get it from Amazon for $18.49, Bookshop for $22.99 (to support local bookstores), or check your local library.

    8. And a set of large fizzy aromatherapy bath bombs to moisturize your skin and make your next soak a little more spa-like. Ahhhh, relaxation in a steamy tub o' good smells. What a way to spend an evening!

    Reviewer's tub with blue water and five stars and the text "These bath bombs are quite possibly better than Lush"

    They're each slightly smaller than size of a tennis ball — and they won't stain your tub, so you won't have to scrub afterwards.

    Get a set of 10 from Amazon for $23.97.

    Promising review: "I really wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered these because I am a die-hard Lush product fan :). but not necessarily a Lush price fan! These were really awesome! They are individually wrapped which keeps them fresher longer. Each one that I received smelled amazing and felt great on my skin. I was worried that I would only like a few scents and have to tolerate the rest, but they were all so good! I take baths often and love to pamper my skin. These are perfect!" —NZMann

    9. A vintagey 8-in-1 entertainment center that'll do it all: play records, stream music from your phone via Bluetooth, record from vinyl, CD, or cassette directly to USB, AND play CDs, cassettes, aaaaand AM/FM radio. It's time for a living room dance party.

    The wooden record player on a table

    Get it from Amazon for $129.99+ (available in five colors).

    Promising review: "We purchased this for my father-in-law, age 92, and wanted simplicity for him to be able to digitize his phonographs which is something he wanted to do. This was not only simple for him to use it also had GREAT SOUND. We were amazed. It really made the old phonographs some awesome. We thought we'd have to connect to external speakers to give it better sound (which the unit has connections for external speakers if you desire to do so)...but that was not necessary. The speakers delivered fine sound. We were very happy with this purchase. We will probably order one for ourselves. This 8-in-1 records to USB. We are very pleased." —Janine

    10. Codenames, a game that transforms your friends or family into two teams of rival spies, plus one assassin and one double agent. You only know the "codenames" of the people on your team, so who will figure out which spies belongs on their team first?


    Ages: 10+

    Number of players: 2–8+

    Get it from Amazon for 15.21.

    Promising review: "The best thing about Codenames is that it's infinitely replayable, even if you always play with the same group of people, because of the sheer number of possibilities of combinations of cards and layouts. Add in that the other versions (Disney Codenames, Marvel Codenames, Codenames Deep Undercover, etc.) can be combined with the base game, and you have one that's destined for longevity. I personally love the challenge of trying to be on the same wavelength as my teammates. When things go well, it's satisfying. When things go badly, it's challenging — and often hilarious. I generally play with my friends (late twenties–early thirties), but knew my mom (late fifties) and her friends would love it and got it for her for Christmas, and I was right. Other people I know play with their kids. It's definitely a game with broad appeal." —Ami C.

    11. A crepe-making set complete with 12-inch nonstick griddle, wooden spreader, and spatula to ensure the lightest, thinnest crepes outside of Paris.

    The crepe maker and tools with text "serve gourmet brunches in minutes"

    You can also spend an afternoon whipping up a time-consuming but delicious crepe cake!

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99.

    Promising review: "I bought this crepe maker because it was inexpensive and I wasn't sure how easy to would be to do crepes. I can't say enough how pleased I am with the product. The crepes come out consistently good every time. It is extremely easy to clean by just wiping it down after every use. I made dessert crepes for my daughter's party with friends and it was a complete hit!!! No trouble, and I was able to cook them to right there and then. it's that easy! the temperature is very precise and no hot spots. Cooks evenly." —Amazon Customer

    12. An at-home manicure kit from Olive and June with everything you need to get to prep, polish, and perfect your nails with ease, including their famous Poppy handle, to help you ~get a grip~ on any polish.

    Olive and June

    The one pictured here is the Studio Box, which includes the Poppy polish handle, the nail polish of your choice (39 colors available), a top coat, cuticle serum, clean-up brush, nail polish remover pot, flat-edge clippers, nail file, and a buffer bar.

    Get it from Olive and June for $50 (There are four ~levels~ of box, ranging from $42-$88, so you can choose yours depending on how many polishes you want — none, one, six, or seven)

    Olive and June is a woman-founded nail salon in Los Angeles that has since released a line of products to make a great manicure available at home!

    13. A Shiatsu shoulder massager you can use to relax overworked muscles after hunching over a computer all day. Plus, it has an optional heat setting for even more pain relief. It's like having a portable spa!

    Reviewer with the massager on their shoulders

    You can use it on your lower back and legs too!

    Get it from Amazon for $49.95.

    Promising review: "OMG!!! I have been having neck pain for months, a friend received the foot massager for a present and that felt great! I saw this and read the reviews, all positive! The minute I put it on my neck I threw my eyes to the back of my head... I've used it on my back, legs, and arms, and it has felt great in each place. I think my son is trying to steal it from me! If you pull too hard on the arm openings, (for more pressure) the motor will stop; let up and it'll be fine. If you hold it a bit looser the motor allows the balls to walk itself up and down your body. This is one of, if not THE BEST purchase this year!!" —Gemini Royal

    14. A mini (but bright and powerful) multimedia projector (and screen!) perfect for turning any room into a mini movie theater. Just plug in a phone, gaming system, streaming stick (including the Amazon Fire TV stick), or laptop., Amazon

    Get it from Amazon for $128.99.

    Promising review: "I bought this for my bedroom. Thought it would be interesting vs buying a TV. It is the greatest thing I bought all year. My girlfriend loves it. We had a few days off and watched movie after movie. It took a little time to adjust and find what position and what works best for us and so we decided to hang the sheet from the ceiling and put the projector on the shelf behind my bed. This position gives us the best picture. The distance is not to far or to close. We can hook the phone, laptop, even tried the DVD player and all works great. The volume is great gets really loud. Definitely recommend." —nickoy simpson

    15. A challenging, 1000-piece Milky Way puzzle featuring an image shot by the Hubble Telescope. If you're feeling stuck at home, this'll take you ~out of this world~.

    The puzzle box and pieces

    Get it from Amazon for $25 (also available in 10 other designs).

    Promising review: "This is a beautiful puzzle! The image is vibrant and clear just like on the box. The pieces are sturdy and fit together nicely with a lot of variation in piece shape. It is definitely a challenge. So, don't get this unless you're looking to spend a lot of time on it. I really enjoyed putting this together and would purchase from this company again." —Renee Andrie

    16. Villainous, a Disney-themed game to let everyone release their inner evil queen. Why?! It's a strategy-based game featuring your favorite Disney villains (duh!) — every time you play as a different character, it's a totally different game.

    The board game with cards and pieces

    Play as your favorite villain — Maleficent, Jafar, Ursula, Captain Hook, the Queen of Hearts, and Prince John — each with different abilities and objectives. The Fate cards will throw obstacles in your path, so look out for some of your favorite Disney heroes too!

    Ages: 10+

    Number of players: Up to 6.

    Get it from Amazon for $34.97.

    Promising review: "I love board games, particularly more adventurous and more adult ones, but getting my wife to play them with me is like pulling teeth. This one is very easy to learn but a challenge to master, which makes it accessible for those who are casual board gamers but enjoyable for the more hardcore enthusiast. Each play-through is different depending on what characters each player chooses, the strategy they apply, and the random draw of the cards. Can't wait until they release expansions with new villains." —Phil

    17. A set of scratch-off cityscapes for a whole new level beyond adult coloring books. A whole nighttime world is about to be revealed with just a few scratches.

    These are just like those rainbow scratch-off sheets you (and I) loved as a kid, but WAY cooler. Just follow along the guide lines to reveal the glowing cityscape with the included tools.

    Get them from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in singles, multipacks and in several cityscapes).

    Promising review: "Loved this, you can work on this over a long period which is what I like, & have it to work on for some time. Came with a few tools and a brush to sweep off the scratched residue. I enjoyed it very much and have bought many other etch paintings from amazon that are just as nice! Highly recommend this one and the others!" —Heather

    18. An expandable wall gardening system so you can turn your porch or patio into a gorgeous garden — no backyard, no problem. And it has a built-in dripper system you can connect right to your hose so you don't need to worry about watering.

    A reviewer's patio wall with the hanging system, filled with thriving plants

    It's modular so you can expand horizontally or vertically.

    Get it from Amazon for $65.

    Promising review: "Where have these been all my life?! I have always grown herbs and had a garden the traditional way (in pots or in a garden bed). I love these because my husband and I travel a lot, so we're able to hook these babies up to a water source and timer...and voila!!!! Plants are stayin' alive! I bought three panels, but am going to order more and do a whole wall of the house." —Yee Jensen

    19. Or a nine-herb window garden kit with everything you need to grow dill, basil, chives, thyme, parsley, oregano, cilantro, sage, and mustard if you're more of a DIY-er (or have a fantastically sunny kitchen window).

    Reviewer's image of three of the herb pots sprouting: dill, cilantro, and oregano

    It comes with reusable pots, soil discs with nutrients, seed packets, and bamboo markers to get you started.

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99.

    Promising review: "I purchased this in January, 2020 and planted them Jan. 26, 2020 and all nine different herbs are growing beautifully!!!! I followed directions exactly and now they are ready to transplant to the garden! 👌🏽👍🏽✔️🌱🌞" —Constance

    20. The Movie Quiz Book, a handy little volume chock-full of (you guessed it!) movie trivia quizzes so you can test your knowledge across a whopping 1,600 questions.

    Mallory McInnis / Via

    Here's what my BuzzFeed Shopping colleage has to say about it: "If you know someone else who loves movies + trivia as much as you do, I highly recommend you turn the book into a competition (doing a round yourself, then having the other person do it, and keeping score) like my boyfriend and I did. We carried the book around the city for all of January and February (doing rounds on the subway and at bars), and we finally finished it last month while staying with my family in Maine. I won 🙂. If you're wondering how hard the questions are = well, as someone who owns over 819 movies on DVD (yes, I still own movies on DVD) and who has watched at least 2.3k movies in my lifetime, I found the book to be a perfect mix of 'hard but no so hard it's not even fun to do' (as a fan of all forms of trivia, I think it's the sweet spot) and feel it would be best for ~intermediate~ or ~serious~ film fans."

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99 or from Bookshop for $15.63 (to support local bookstores).

    21. Or if your tastes skew more general, Ken Jennings's Trivia Almanac so you can prepare now for your eventual Jeopardy domination.

    The cover, with text "8,888 questions in 365 days"
    Villard Books

    It has almost *9,000* questions (in difficulties noted as “Easy,” “Hard,” and “Yeah, Good Luck”) designed to last over the course of a year, but I totally understand if you get through it in just part of the time while hanging at home.

    Get it from Amazon for $24.99, Bookshop for $28 (to support local bookstores), or check your local library.

    22. A subtle, geometric removable peel-and-stick wallpaper to dress up your walls, furniture, or even shelves with ease if you've been thinking about a home refresh (like all of us are, am I right??) — no need to watch YouTube videos or hire a wallpaper installer.

    A sofa in front of a wall with the white and grey geometric wallpaper on it
    Chasing Paper

    Get a 2x4-foot roll from Chasing Paper for $40 (available in three colors and tons and tons and tons and tons of other patterns).

    Chasing Paper is a removable wallpaper business whose founders are the third generation of a printing company. The wallpaper is printed to order, the inks are water-based and nontoxic, and everything is made in the US. You can also learn about the artists behind each design.

    23. An Unexpexted Cookbook, a collection of recipes inspired by Lord of the Rings, so those hunger pangs you always felt around ~elevenses~ can finally be sated. We're talking recipes for EVERY HOBBIT MEALTIME!

    The cover of the book
    CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

    There are even vegan, gluten-free, and Paleo-friendly recipe options and tweaks inside! And for those with time to spare, their dinner, roast and pudding recipes "take hours to make, but are well worth the wait."

    Get it from Amazon for $26.99 or Bookshop for $29.99 (to support local bookstores).

    24. Werewolf, a unique take on Mafia you'll want to play with your family or quarantine pod to figure out who'll defend the village and who'll tear the group apart with their devious behavior?

    The game with character cards

    Everyone draws a card and play the role assigned to them (if you're a werewolf, you're trying to destroy the village; if you're a villager, you're trying to save it, etc.).

    Ages: 12+

    Number of players: Up to 35 people!

    Get it from Amazon for $12.95.

    Promising review: "My group of friends love game night. We've tried all sorts of games, and when I brought this game out, everyone was skeptical. Now no one wants to play any other game but this one. Super fun! The fact that it comes in a simple deck of cards makes it so easy to carry around and bring to any party occasion just in case. With the different characters you can mix it up so no two games are ever the same. The witch character has truly tested some friendships already. The game also gives you extra cards for you to create your own characters with their own unique roles and powers. We are looking forward to creating some interesting new roles and throwing them in the mix. If you have a loud group of friends, this is the game for you!" —Amazon Customer

    25. A subscription to Book of the Month to supplement all the books you already have in your to-read pile, because what's better than a new pick every month, selected from an array of shouldn't-be-missed new releases, plus a fun little surprise.

    Model holding five books (each an option for a specific month): The Perfect Mother, The Mars Room, Still Lives, How To Walk Away, and Small Country

    Each month you choose from five available titles — plus, you can always get more books or even skip a month if none of the options sound like the right fit!

    Subscribe at Book of the Month for $14.99 per month — and add any extra books on for $9.99 each!

    26. A DIY cross-stitch kit so you can bring out your ~crafty~ side, one thread at a time. Then you can move onto more challenging designs!

    A hand holding a completed floral cross-stitch

    It comes with an embroidery hoop, thread, cotton aida with the patern on it, needles, and instructions.

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99 (available in 23 patterns).

    Promising review: "Love it! This is one of those rare occasions in life where I feel like I got MORE than what I paid for. This kit is just about perfect. The only thing I would recommend you purchase in addition to it is either better needles, or a good needle threader. The eyes of the needles it comes with are a bit too small to thread three embroidery strands through, in my opinion. Otherwise, the kit is awesome. If you’re wondering, I didn’t embroider mine exactly as per the instructions. I had plenty of thread, but it does warn you that if you go rogue, you could run short." —Addictedtoammmazzzon

    27. A subscription to Disney+ so you can create the marathon of your choosing whether you're doing a full Marvel rewatch like me or want to see every single DCOM (Disney Channel Original Movie, duh!) in order of release.

    A screenshot of the subscription page, with options for just Disney_ for $6.99 and Disney, Hulu, and ESPN+ for $12.99

    You can download *unlimited* shows and movies on up to 10 devices, so you'll never be on a long flight without something awesome to watch again! Um, YES I'd like to be able to watch Smart House whenever I darn well please.

    Start your seven-day free trial, and then subscribe to Disney+ for $6.99 per month.

    28. A tequila-infusing kit to make your very own ~spicy margarita~ in the comfort of your own home and without having to follow a recipe or shop for special ingredients. The pouch is filled with dehydrated lime, orange, grapefruit, jalapeño, and pineapple for the perfect balance of sweet and spicy.

    InBooze / Etsy

    Just place the infusion bag in a container (like a mason jar) with tequila. Infuse for at least three days, then just take out the bag and make your drink!

    Get it from InBooze on Etsy for $12.75 (originally $15; available in 10 flavors and varieties — the blackberry gin smash is calling my name!).

    Promising review: "I can’t believe how good this is. The flavor is unreal." —Amber Horton

    InBooze is a Black woman-owned Etsy shop based in Michigan. All their packets are handmade, filled with dehydrated fruits, veggies, spices, and herbs — and each kit is enough to infuse 8 to 10 cocktails. Bottoms up!

    29. A set of three *fabric* resistance bands so you can add some more movies to your at-home workout, without the rolling, pinching, and snagging caused by latex ones.

    Models using the bands and showing the light, medium, and heavy resistance versions

    Each has a different resistance level so you can customize your workout, and they come with an exercise guide book to get you started.

    Get them from Amazon for $14.99+ (available in four color sets).

    Promising review: "I have been using this for a couple of weeks and it has been fantastic to say the least! It doesn't roll down or move whilst I'm exercising and the resistance it provides is amazing! After the first day of exercising with it, I felt the difference. Now I and those close to me are seeing the results. My thighs, hips and butt have definitely improved in tone and definition. My abs have also improved but not as much since I haven't been doing any exercises to target them! Oh and I forgot to mention that they came with an exercise guide which also helps for beginners or to boost your routine! They are durable and will last a long while! They are a vast improvement to the latex bands. I will recommend these to anyone who is serious about working out!" —Kylie Shepherd

    30. A Hello Fresh subscription that'll basically be like a cooking class you can do at home. Sign up for a plan that fits your diet (including vegetarian and family plans), and you'll get allllllll the ingredients you need to prep each meal! WHILE learning how to cook!

    Hello Fresh

    Perfect for people who love activities like cooking classes, but don't love human interaction with strangers. This has been really great during quarantine to reduce my grocery trips too!

    Meals start at $7.87 per serving — skip any weeks you like!

    Be sure to check out my review of Hello Fresh for more deets on how it makes cooking easy — and teaches you new skills along the way!

    31. My Bucket List, a coffee table book-slash-journal to encourage you to create a list of all the things you want to do in life — with prompts to inspire you, and room to detail what you think each experience will be like, and room for your thoughts after *actually* doing it.

    The cover of the book

    Get it from Amazon for $22.99.

    Promising review: "Love my purchase! This book is so unique and special. I hunted the web for hours looking for the perfect book to give my travel-loving buddy a perfect 30th birthday present — she loved it! With unique quotes, ideas, and places for you to keep pictures of completed bucket list items, this is a perfect book for an adventurous person!" —Amazon Customer

    32. A book of *supersized* New York Times Sunday crosswords for all the productive (exercising your brain!) procrastination you'll ever need.

    The cover of the book, with 500 crosswords
    St Martin's Griffin

    How much productive procrastination, you ask? Let me quote the listing: "At one hour per puzzle (that's pretty fast!), eight hours of solving per day, it would still take two months of solid solving to finish this book."

    Get it from Amazon for $13.83 or Bookshop for $22.07 (to support local bookstores).

    33. A wine-tasting notebook if you're a burgeoning sommelier looking to expand your horizons — it has space to reflect and take notes on your favorite blends!

    The cover of the notebook

    It has three sections: a notes section with guided points and ratings to make it easy for beginners or experts, a wine-tasting vocabulary with quick explanations of flavors and common wine faults, and a walk-through of how to take a tasting note in just a few short minutes.

    Get it from Amazon for $14.95.

    Promising review: "We were encouraged to buy this book for a wine appreciation course, and I have to say that it is the book we used the most out of everything. If you want to be incredibly detailed in your wine tasting notes, then this has all the appropriate prompts you could want to include. And if you want to keep it simple, you can skip a lot of it and just record your overall impressions and a star rating at the bottom of each page. This book holds enough to record around 100 wines, each getting their own page. The pages are a tiny bit on the thin side, but I love how sleek the book is, and also that it includes some wine tasting terms to help you if you're just getting started. We loved it so much, we're buying a few as gifts for the wine lovers in our family!" —brinnet

    34. An ice dye kit for a ~sophisticated~ take on the tie-dye trend all over your TikTok FYP. It comes with everything you need including dye, soda ash, instructions, tips and tricks, and a bandana so you can try it out.

    The box kits
    Anna Joyce / Etsy

    Get it from Anna Joyce on Etsy for $40 (available in five colors).

    Promising review: "Enchanting ice dye kit! It definitely has more colors than just the peony/magenta colors, but the items turned out gorgeous. We did three sets of standard pillowcases, the tea towel that came with the set, four shirts, and one pair of sweat pants. Really lovely outcomes." —

    Anna Joyce is a woman-owned Etsy shop based in Portland Oregon — and if you're not so much a DIY-er, they have plenty of gorgeous tie-dyed robes, clothing, and bedding you can purchase already made.

    If you're looking for a traditional tie-dye kit, you can get a 12-color one with tons of great reviews from Amazon for $29.99!

    Actual footage of me baking my way through quarantine:


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