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21 Things That Will Help You Be More Productive

For anyone who is a pro at procrastinating.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their favorite products that help them be more productive. Here are the efficient results:

1. An app that encourages you to knock out your to-do list...and yells at you when you don't.

"It’s a to-do list that starts out very basic, but as you complete your tasks, it gets more advanced. It will get mad at you for not completing your tasks, which is a good incentive to get them done. And on top of that, you get a virtual cat to care for when you level up." —Abby Isabel

Get it from the App Store for $2.99.

2. A pack of smooth-writing pens in a variety of colors for color-coding.

"As a college student it makes my notes really easy to navigate. I write most information in black, but have colors corresponding to important terms or to highlight useful information during my lectures." —Victoria Guest, Facebook

Get an eight-pack from Amazon for $8.34.

3. A dry-erase calendar that can get any couple or family in sync.

"My boyfriend and I color code it; my work schedule, appointments, and personal bills and events are in green marker, and all his are in red. Bills we have to pay together (electric and internet) and events we both have to go to are written in black. Special events, such as family birthdays, are written in purple. It has a to-do list, and we write down what chores we have to do. It also has a blank section where we write down stuff we need to get on our next shopping trip!" —D

Get it from Amazon for $14.99.

4. An app that tracks your assignments and grades in one place.

"For students it's an amazing tool. It helps you stay organized and even helps you keep track of what grades you're getting in your classes and what your GPA is." —Danielle H. Grove, Facebook

Get it from the App Store $.99 and Google Play for $1.99.

5. A dotted notebook to help you start a bullet journal.

"I’d already been using notebooks to jot down anything: separate ones for household notes/to-dos/budgeting, one for my writing, and another for notes on readings. The bullet notebook kicks it up a few organizational notches by indexing notes and numbering pages, as well as formatting lists in ways that make them more easily read AND accomplished." —Sarah S.

Get this Leuchtturm journal (with extra features and indexes that help with bullet journaling) from Amazon for $19.50. Available in five colors.

Check out a handy guide on how to start a bullet journal here.

6. A web extension that blocks certain websites when you can't afford to waste time.

"You can use it to block them for a certain time of your day. That way I won't get stuck on YouTube or Facebook. On my phone I use AppBlock - Stay Focused to do the same thing." —Mira Selenius, Facebook

Get it from the Chrome Webstore for free.

7. An app that keeps you from wasting time on your phone when you should be working.

"I set it to discourage myself from messing with my phone. If you don't use your phone, you can grow forests and get some in-game tokens. It feels nice to see a small, albeit digital, evidence of my productivity. After earning 2,500 tokens, you can trade them in to plant a real tree, AND you can link with social media and compete with friends!" —Kate Swain, Facebook

Get it from the App Store for $1.99 or from Google Play for free.

8. A Midori notebook kit with a durable leather cover and refillable pages.

"I can keep a yearly and daily schedule, meal-planning notebook, and a sketchbook all together in one notebook system." —Lexi Hansen, Facebook

Get it from Amazon for $39.81.

9. A pillow you can scream into to get your frustrations out...and then get straight to work.

"This is both a productivity and self-care tip, but when I’m feeling sad or angry, I have this little ritual where I set a timer for 15 minutes and cry, hit a pillow, stomp my feet, scream into a pillow, and flip out. Once the 15 minutes are over, I turn on some dance music and clean my room/do/dishes/wash windows/mop the floor. This ritual of getting my feelings out and then accomplishing a household chore gets me into the perfect productive mood to clean my whole house, finish my homework, and get into a more positive mindset." —Anna W.

Get this pillow from Amazon for $24.99.

10. A word processor and app that keeps writers of anything (from papers to theses to novels) on track.

"Worth the money for me. I can keep my writing, notes, and outline all in the same place, as well as keep track of my deadlines and how much I need to be writing to keep those deadlines. It's really kept me on track for writing my thesis." —Kelsey Lauder, Facebook

Get it from the App Store for $19.99.

11. A pair of noise-canceling headphones that will eliminate distractions.

"They help me block everything else out." —Lisi Mohandessi

Get the earbuds from Amazon for $249 and the over-the-ear headphones from Amazon for $299.

12. A planner with yearly, monthly, and weekly goal-setting pages.

"The best planner I've ever owned. It has yearly, monthly, and weekly goal setting, and even has a checklist to remind you to keep looking back at your overall goals. There is plenty of space to write, as well as thought-provoking journal questions. This planner is the best system I've found for combining multiple long-term goals with daily tasks and events. Plus, the 30-day challenges have helped me tackle several habits that I've struggled for years to work on. Truly life-changing." —Jix Huth, Facebook

Get it from Ink + Volt for $40.

13. A pack of adorable highlighters that will help you identify what's important and what's not.

"I write everything in my planner in pencil, then use the highlighters to signify different categories — if something is highlighted in yellow, it’s an event with a specific time frame (e.g. a class or an appointment), green signifies a to-do item, blue more general events (e.g. someone’s birthday, a holiday, the start of a new semester), pink an important due date for a school assignment, orange an upcoming due date, etc. It’s hard to explain why it helps me be more productive, other than that I’m a very visual person, and keeping things organized based on colors helps me plan out my day more easily." —Adw

Get this animal-themed set of six from Amazon for $8.44. Because if they're cute, you'll definitely use them.

14. A Fitbit that keeps track of your progress and goals and encourages you to be on the move.

"It has helped my depression immeasurably. I know it sounds silly but by giving me various goals to meet every day, I now wake up with purpose and no longer dread a long day ahead. I feel like every day I have achieved something!" —Katie Noonan

Get it from Amazon for $129.99.

15. A calendar desk blotter that shows all your meetings and appointments at a glance.

"Having a big calendar not only protects my desk, but it makes it very easy to quickly jot down and schedule important events. This way, I won’t accidentally forget an appointment because I’m always looking at my calendar." —Vega

Get it from Amazon for $13.02.

16. An alarm clock to use instead of your phone so you actually go to sleep.

"I was using my phone as an alarm which led to me laying in bed, reading articles, playing games, etc. instead of actually getting up. Since getting the clock, I’ve started turning my phone off at night, getting better sleep, and getting up and at ‘em in the morning." —A Flying Fck

This one has three levels of brightness so the glowing numbers don't keep you awake. Get it from Amazon for $13.99.

17. An app that helps you to make good habits and break bad ones.

"Once you see the habits forming and the number of consecutive days you’ve completed a task, you want to keep at it and continue to be productive!" —Eramir

Get it for free from the App Store and Google Play.

18. A pair of industrial-grade ear muffs that'll remind your friends that you're busy.

"I find I concentrate better when there is no sound. I look stupid wearing them but I don't care :P" —Caitlin Sarah Dawson, Facebook

Get them from Amazon for $11.79.

19. A set of notebooks you'll actually want to write in instead of typing on your computer.

"This year I decided to splurge on some nice notebook for school. It actually makes me want to do my assignments just because I owe it to the notebooks and to myself." —Patrizia

"Also, as a memory researcher, research has shown that writing things down leads to better long-term memory retention than typing them." —Alexis J.

Get this set of two from Amazon for $14.

20. An app that syncs your notes, documents, and checklists between devices.

"You can use it for free on two devices, so I use my cell phone and computer. Everything is stored in their cloud, so you can switch from either device. There’s a camera that self-focuses for photographing documents, formatting to make checklists for shopping and to-do lists, and you can separate notes into notebooks with different tags. There’s so much you can do with Evernote, so if I am on the go I can jot it in there until I get home. " —Sarah S.

Sign up for a free plan, or upgrade for a plus or premium account for $34.99/year or $69.99/year, respectively.

21. Or just think about Hermione.

"I bought a Hermione Granger keychain and I have it hanging above my desk. Whenever I get discouraged, I look at it and think, What would Hermione do? That gives me motivation to keep going — cause you know that Hermione would." —Harper F

Get this Time Turner necklace from A Bijoux Paris on Etsy for $8.90.

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Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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