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21 Ways To Be A Better Adult In March

Time to ~spring~ into adulthood.

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2. Set a productivity program with a journal based on the Pomodoro technique* so you use your time in the most effective way possible.

*The Pomodoro technique breaks down your time into 25-minute increments, with short breaks in between, designed to keep you on track and focused.

Get it from Urban Outfitters for $26.


4. Dress for the elements with a water-repelling jacket that's stylish and inexpensive.

It folds down and packs into a pouch, making it the perfect pal for your next vacation.

Get it from Uniqlo for $29.90 (on sale from $39.90). (The green color is on sale for $9.90!)

Get the women's version from Uniqlo for $29.90 (also on sale from $39.90).


7. Enjoy a glass of wine in the evening without worrying about the rest of the bottle spoiling — just cork it with this bottle stopper that vacuums out the air and keeps your vino fresh.


14. Pretend it's May, even when it's 40 degrees out, by planting an all-in-one kit that basically does the gardening for you.

It has everything you need — you can even grow it inside the container it comes in!

Get the kit from Anthropologie for $12. Available in forget-me-not, lavender, and poppy seeds.


15. Turn your Ikea bookshelf into an elegant bar cart with just four black and gold furniture legs.

Check out the tutorial here.

And peep 16 other ways to make your Ikea furniture look fancy here.

Get furniture legs just like the ones used in the DIY from Forge Hardware Studio on Etsy for $38.


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