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22 Things That Will Make You Feel Like An Adult In February

Including volunteer ideas, stylish organizers, and a steak dinner worthy of your Valentine (especially if your Valentine is you).

1. Organize and display your accessories in a tabletop jewelry tray that's basically a cool piece of decor.

2. If you're cooking for two at some point this month, try an easy and impressive steak dinner.

3. Say "see ya later" to cracked heels with moisturizing booties that'll keep your feet from snagging your sheets.

4. Make volunteering a regular part of your schedule by finding an organization that matches your location and interests at Volunteer Match.

5. Take bomb care of your skin today and thank yourself later — try an inexpensive cleansing brush that removes all traces of makeup from your face.

6. Turn your Netflix marathon into a productive activity with a hydrating sheet mask that'll cure your winter dry skin.

Try the avocado for moisturizing, tea tree for calming, charcoal for purifying, honey for anti-aging, cucumber for rejuvenating, and pomegranate for a boost of antioxidants.

Get a 12-pack from Amazon for $10.99. You can either choose a variety pack (two of each kind) or all one kind of mask.

7. Identify a go-to outfit that makes you feel aMaZiNg so you can throw it on at a moment's notice.

For when you have a last-minute interview, are invited to a party or event, or generally want to FEEL YOURSELF.

For outfit inspo, check out how these women styled the same dress and skirt differently.

8. Consider some advice from prominent women like Katie Couric, Maya Angelou, Bobbi Brown, and more on the things you should know and have in your young adulthood.

9. Help your clothes and home look more put together by stopping pet hair in its tracks.

10. Challenge yourself with a reading list that'll take you beyond your usual genre.

11. And up your decor game with a pair of bookends that give every novel you add to your shelves a little high five.

12. Get through 2017 in style by learning how to become more of a booze connoisseur.

13. Ditch your dorm-level bedding for an inexpensive and insanely cushy duvet insert that'll make your bedroom seem like a five star hotel.

14. And choose a duvet cover that'll help your mind wander far, far away from daily stresses and strains.

15. Keep a fire extinguisher in your home for any potential worst-case scenario.

16. Build habits and help them stick with an app that helps you turn your to-do list into a regular routine.

17. Amp up your Super Bowl party by serving queso in a football-shaped bread bowl.

18. And pretend to be a masterful entertainer with these clip-on dip containers so guests can double- (and triple-) dip in peace.

Get a set of four from Amazon for $6.05.

19. Learn how to change your car oil yourself — and save some money in the meantime.

20. Save space and your sweaters with an over-the-door drying rack that air-dries your knits on a flat surface so they don't stretch out.

21. Hit the pause button on your success stress — check this chart that illustrates some of the many people who found their calling a little later in life.

22. Lean into your adulthood by corralling your hoarded plastic bags in a handy dispenser.

Because you know you've opened a cupboard and had grocery bags rain down upon you.

Get it from Amazon for $12.41.

Don't let the leftover grocery bags into the wild.

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