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31 Incredibly Useful Things To Keep In Your Bag

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the thing that they ~always~ carry with them. Here are are helpful results:


3. A double-USB portable battery to keep your phone (and the phone of your bestie) fully charged for any situation.

"Portable or wired, but ALWAYS have one! Just in case of emergencies." —nataliescott511

"A portable battery, because my commute to school is really long and I would also die if my phone died." —s428cdb6f3

Get this one, with two USB ports, from Amazon for $19.99. Available in four colors.

4. A lavender sanitizing spray that's 99.9% effective at killing germs and 100% effective at smelling amazing.

"The smell is so calming and addictive and it's 99.9% effective!" —hadhinahfawwazahn

"Usually two little bottles. Use it on everything!" —courtneyjewellb

Get a two-pack of Dr. Bronner's lavender hand sanitizer from Amazon for $15.78.

5. A couple of ponytail holders to get your hair off your face ASAP — especially when the mercury is pushing 100°.

It's also a great way to meet a new best friend.

"I absolutely have to have my hair ties." —savannahh41c909d89

"I always have at least four ponytail holders." —missykgin

Get a pack of 20 from Amazon for $5.95.

6. A book or a lightweight Kindle Paperwhite for anyone who wishes they could carry thousands of books with them at all times.

"I feel naked all day without a book. Even if I will have no time to read. And when I don't have one, I will continue mentally to convince myself I need to buy one. Yes, I do know that it is crazy." —anoukvanderz

Get a Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon for $119.99+.


7. Stylish earbuds that don't take up a ton of room, but provide excellent sound quality.

"Even if I'm pretty sure I won't need them, I bring them just in case. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it." —mayas468676b47

Get these elegant wooden ones from Amazon for $25.49.

9. A compact of E.L.F.'s mattifying balm, which is actually *better* than blotting papers when it comes to reducing pesky shine.

"It keeps me from looking so oily and I prefer these to blotting papers." —Angela Christine, Facebook

Get it from E.L.F. for $6.


13. A handy dandy Tide to-go stick so you don't have to sit around the office all day with tomato sauce on your shirt. Again.\

"It really comes in handy and it allows you to come to the rescue for others who have stained clothes." —allisonn4524eac7e

Get a three-pack from Amazon for $6.45.

14. A pretty in pink manicure set to touch up your jagged nails, fix a hangnail, or even remove unwanted hanging threads from your garments.

"I'm always breaking my nails at work, and since I work in personal care, if I have sharp nails they could scratch my clients. Carrying a file's been a lifesaver for both me AND my coworkers." —philliamthegreat

"Rough edges, breaks, and hangnails make me go ballistic if I can't fix them right away." —daniellems

Get this set from Papersource for $16.95.


15. A fan favorite brightening concealer perfect for touchups throughout the day.

"If I cry and there's mascara under my eyes? Concealer. Makeup fading? Concealer. After-gym sweat all over your face? CONCEALER!" —hollys4af76bd26

Get it from Sephora for $30. Available in 16 shades.

16. A soft pocket-sized notebook and pen set for jotting down information or inspiration when the mood strikes.

"You never know! You might need to scribble down an address or a phone number if your phone is dead." —nataliescott511

"Any kind of inspiration can happen anytime." —sararonai

"I always always ALWAYS have pens (at least three in different colors) and an extra piece of paper or mini notebook or index card. Never know who you're going to run into or when inspiration for something will strike! It has saved my butt so many times. I keep extra pens and paper in every purse I have, even if I'm not using it at the moment." —brittneeg3

Get this pocket-friendly notebook and pen set from Amazon for $8.99.

17. A tube of pawpaw ointment with papaya extract to help heal scrapes, rashes, rough skin, and more.

"It's in all in one wondrous ointment. It helps with chapped lips, burns, cuts, rough skin, and rashes! I carry a tube with me at all times. I also have a jar of it for home use." —robine4725ef0bb

Get a tube from Free People for $10.

18. A water bottle you can fill whenever you want; when it's empty it folds down neatly for lightweight and compact storage.

"I have low blood pressure so getting dehydrated can hit me hard. Being without water can make me feel like absolute shit in just a couple of hours, especially in the Texas heat. I carry my reusable cup everywhere and refill it as often as I can." —emslala

Get this collapsible one from Amazon for $19.95. Available in nine colors.


19. A teensy first aid kit chock full of necessities like bandaids, alcohol pads, tweezers, and more.

"I always have first aid supplies. Years of medical training has taught me. And first aid includes snacks for low blood sugar as I'm diabetic." —gennsixx07

Get this 30-piece, super compact kit from Amazon for $9.95.

21. Chewable Pepto-Bismol tablets to solve any mysterious tummy problems before they turn into disasters.

"My friends always make fun of me for my mom purse, but it has saved us in a number of occasions. Something I always have in the bag is a travel-size bottle of Pepto Bismol. It has come in handy many-a-times; for myself, friends, family, coworkers, drunk girls in bar bathrooms, etc." —cjylangevin

"I have a touchy stomach so I keep it with me at all times. Plus you can help your friends out if they're feeling ill too!" —chloestarwater

Get two travel-size bottles of Pepto Bismol chewable tablets from Amazon for $7.01.

22. A tube of Carmex medicated lip balm that says "not today!" to chapped lips.

"If I don't have my Carmex, I spend the whole day actually crying over not having it." —ashtonk454e0fa8f

"Tried it for the first time a year ago and now I can't live without it!" —omdpl6

Get a pack of three from Amazon for $7.46.


23. A travel-friendly sunscreen set to protect your skin and soothe it after sun exposure.

"Always carry it, so I don't forget to reapply or have an excuse for not reapplying. If I can not carry the regular bottle, I carry a small travel sized bottle." —etokki

Get this care pack, which includes one travel-size sunscreen, a soothing lotion, and a sunscreen lip balm, from Amazon for $18.09.

25. A trio of miniature lipsticks that'll save you when you forget to bring your shade of the day with you.

"A lipstick (tube or liquid), preferably more than one color in case I change my mind on my lip color halfway through the day. Admittedly, it borders onto the ridiculous." —lolzno

"Always a nude lipstick that goes with all looks just in case I forgot to throw some on at home." —kyliea46da8fc4c

Get a trio of mini Julep lipsticks from Amazon for $24.


31. And a stress-relieving fidget cube for anyone who can't keep their fingers still.

"I have really bad anxiety and it's something to do with my hands instead of tearing my skin to bits" —Dayna Morris, Facebook

Get it from Amazon for $4.99+. Available in six colors.

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