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    29 Incredibly Useful Things To Keep In Your Bag

    Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

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    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the thing that they ~always~ carry with them. Here are are helpful results:

    1. A tube of 100% natural Burt's Bees lip balm; with a huge variety of flavors, you'll want to keep a different one in every bag.

    Tubes with the different flavors, including vanilla, pomegranate, mango, strawberry, and more

    2. A to-go pack of Kleenex for any potential allergic sneezes or movie-induced tears.

    Four to-go packs with different geometric patterns

    3. An dual-port external battery to keep your phone (and the phone of your bestie) fully charged for any situation.

    The phone-sized external battery, plugged into a phone, in a hand, and being put into a purse

    4. A lavender sanitizing spray that's 99.9% effective at killing germs and 100% effective at smelling amazing.

    A hand holding the lavender spray bottle

    5. A couple of ponytail holders to get your hair off your face ASAP — especially when the mercury is pushing 100°.

    The pack of black ponytail holders

    6. A book or a lightweight Kindle Paperwhite for anyone who wishes they could carry *thousands* of books with them at all times. This one is waterproof too, in case you get caught in a sudden downpour.

    The black kindle paperwhite

    7. Stylish earbuds that don't take up a ton of room, but provide excellent sound quality.

    The wood grain headphones

    8. A Swiss army knife for any situation; it's a classic for a reason.

    The red swiss army knife showing the various tools

    9. A mini keychain bottle of Sriracha so you can always have hot sauce in your bag. Swag.

    Two sizes of the to-go squeeze bottles

    10. A few compact tampons that stow away neatly for those emergency situations.

    A diagram showing how to use the compact applicator: extend the applicator until you hear a click, then insert as usual

    11. An aloe and rosewater facial spray to refresh and hydrate your face whenever you need a pick-me-up.

    The spray bottle

    12. A handy dandy Tide to-go stick so you don't have to sit around the office all day with tomato sauce on your shirt. Again.

    A three-pack of the pens

    13. A pretty in pink manicure set to touch up your jagged nails, fix a hangnail, or even remove unwanted hanging threads from your garments.

    14. A fan favorite brightening concealer perfect for touchups throughout the day.

    15. A soft pocket-sized set of Moleskin notebooks for jotting down information or inspiration when the mood strikes.

    The pack of notebooks with line and grid pages

    16. A tube of pawpaw ointment with papaya extract to help heal scrapes, rashes, rough skin, and more.

    17. A water bottle you can fill whenever you want; when it's empty it folds down neatly for lightweight and compact storage.

    18. A teensy compact first aid kit chock full of necessities like bandaids, alcohol pads, antiseptic towelettes, and more!

    A hand with the first aid kit in a zip-pack

    19. A small deodorant stick, because you never know when you'll need a little deo for your B.O.

    The deodorant in cool essentials scent

    20. Chewable Pepto-Bismol tablets to solve any mysterious tummy problems before they turn into disasters.

    The box of tablets

    21. A tube of Carmex medicated lip balm that says "not today!" to chapped lips.

    The tube of balm

    22. A travel-friendly sunscreen set to protect your skin and soothe it after sun exposure. You're supposed to reapply every two hours, you know.

    The pack

    23. A perfectly petite hairbrush for when you're feeling a bit ~knotty~.

    A hand next to the small yellow brush

    24. A ride-or-die lippie that'll save you when you forget to bring your shade of the day with you.

    Swatches of 20 of the shades on three arms with different skintones

    25. A container of Evian facial spray so you can stay hydrated and refreshed on even the longest travel hauls.

    The two bottles

    26. A miniature set of playing cards to encourage spontaneous fun in doctors' waiting rooms, airports, and wherever you have some extra time on your hands.

    The decks

    27. A pack of two refillable rollerball bottles you can fill with your favorite scents so you can apply on the go.

    The two bottles in clear glass: one plain and one with twisted design to tell them apart

    28. A neat travel container full of pretty bobby pins for touchups or hairstyle changes throughout the day.

    The silver bobby pins

    29. A couple of lactase pills so you don't have to miss out on the ice cream run.

    The box of caplets

    Now just to cast an undetectable extension charm on that purse of yours.

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