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23 Perfect Things To Get Your Favorite Sister

For the Louise to your Tina. The Eliza to your Angelica. The Michelle to your D.J.

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1. A trio of spooky pins for wannabe Sanderson sisters.

Get the set of three from Tees and Tank You on Etsy for $20.

2. Matching necklaces for sisters who use a secret code.

These happen to be in Morse code.

Get them from Elle Lane Designs on Etsy for $29.95+ each.

3. A mug for a sister who's kinda lukewarm.

Get it from Field Trip on Etsy for $16.

4. A necklace for the sister you have Game of Thrones viewing parties with.

Get both the Arya and the Sansa necklaces from Auberg Designs on Etsy for $57.

5. A bottle of wine (or several) for the middle sister who needs a drink.

Get them from for $9.99–$10.99 each.

Get a Moscato here, a Pinot Grigio here, and a Cabernet Sauvignon here.

6. A set of nail decals for anyone who grew up in a ~Full House~.

Get it from Jane's Tiny Things on Etsy for $9.

7. A Hamilton-themed note card for when your sister needs a reminder to get 'er done.

Get it from 446 Bridges on Etsy for $6.

8. A tank for the sister who's the stuff of myths.

Get the mermaid tank and the unicorn tank from Look Human for $21.75 each.

9. A necklace for the sister you'd never let freeze.

Get them from CandyDesignCrea on Etsy for $16.60 each.

10. A personalized keychain for the sister who may live far away but is always close to your heart.

Get a set of two from Nelliebead on Etsy for $24.

11. A pair of sweatshirts for sisters who always do at least one duet of Wicked's "For Good" when they're going on a road trip.

Get them from Tees and Tank You on Etsy for $19.99 each.

12. A print for the Luigi to your Mario.

Get it from The Gorgonist on Etsy for $12.

13. A double-stranded initial necklace that'll keep your sister close to your heart.

Get them from Ty Design on Etsy for $39 each.

14. A sweet card for the sister you can talk to for hours.

Get it from Alexis Winter on Etsy for $24.91.

15. A duo of pretty floral necklaces for "different flowers from the same garden."

Get the set from Figs and Ginger on Etsy for $90.

16. A set of postcards for the sister who lent you her favorite novels.

Get a set of five from Pemberley Pond on Etsy for $6.87.

17. A customizable bracelet for the sister who also happens to be your twin.

Get it from Fabulous Stamping on Etsy for $23.99.

18. A patch to serve as a reminder (not that she'd ever need one).

Get it from Hanky Pancakes UK on Etsy for $3.46.

19. A necklace for a sister who's always gazing at the stars.

It features the Pleiades constellation (also known as "The Seven Sisters").

Get it from Uncommon Goods for $75.

20. Pencils that know when you're both at your best.

Get them from Earmark on Etsy for $7.

21. A card for the sister you're always borrowing books from.

Get it from Paper Bandit Press on Etsy for $5.

22. An adorable Funko Pop figurine for the Louise to your Tina (or the Tina to your Louise).

Get them both from Amazon for $8.99.

23. And a card for the sister who's also the odd one out.

Get it from Perks of Aurora on Etsy for $3.75.


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