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22 Textured Nail DIYs To Take Your Mani To The Next Dimension

Get it? Because the nails are 3D.

1. Lace

2. Perforated Leather

3. Liquid Sand

4. You can also DIY your own.

Just use regular nail polish and embossing powder.

5. (Real!) Feather

6. Studded Nails

7. 3D Cable Knit

8. 3D Chunky Glitter

9. Diamond Plate

10. Spun Sugar

11. Velvet

12. Confetti

13. Caviar

14. Or DIY it using poppy seeds.

15. Quilted Polish

16. Raindrops

17. Denim

18. Stained Glass

19. Strawberries

20. Pressed Leaves or Petals

Get the deets here.

21. Gold Leaf

Find out how to gild your mani here.

22. (Real!) Snakeskin

Pretty soon you'll have to make a mani cam of your own.