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24 Subscription Boxes That'll Help Make 2017 The Best Year Ever

Make your resolution last all year by getting awesome stuff in the mail!

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. If you've resolved to read more: The Book Drop.

What you'll get: A handpicked book every month from one of four categories β€” children, young adult, and two adult versions, the Jane (historical, contemporary, or literary fiction), and the Ernest (thriller, action, or suspense).

Price: $9+ per month.

2. If you've resolved to snack healthier: Graze.

What you'll get: A four- to eight-snack sampler box that you can customize from over 100(!) different snack varieties ranging from apple chips with caramel to flavored nuts and seeds to even broths!

Price: $11.99 per box.

3. If you've resolved to upgrade your wardrobe: Frank And Oak.

What you'll get: Three items per month, selected by personal stylists and based on YOUR personal style β€” just fill out a quiz with your taste preferences and sizing! You get 48 hours to edit your box, add any items, or skip the entire box before it gets shipped out! PLUS, you get 20% off all the items on your box, AND free shipping + returns. Feel free to cancel at any time β€” you're not tied in for a certain number of months!

Price: $25 styling fee, which is credited to any purchases you make β€” the fee is only applied if you return all the items!

4. If you've resolved to be less stressed: Calmbox.

What you'll get: A thematic assortment of items (including music, books, snacks, candles, and more) that'll help you unwind and de-stress.

Price: $35+ per month.

5. If you've resolved to try new makeup, fitness techniques, and snacks: Fab Fit Fun.

What you'll get: Full-size beauty, wellness, and fitness products that'll make you feel even more awesome all year. Think lipsticks, yoga socks, and good-for-you granola bars.

Price: $49.99 per box (shipped quarterly)

6. If you've resolved to finally toss out that ratty old underwear: Me Undies.

What you'll get: One pair of undies per month in your choice of men's (boxer brief, boxer, trunk, or brief) or women's (cheeky, bikini, boyshort, or thong) styles. Then customize with either classic colors, bold colors, or adventurous patterns.

Price: $14+ per month.

7. If you've resolved to teach your kids how to code: Bitsbox.

What you'll get: App projects and accessories that'll teach your kid how to code and build a fun gaming app in the process. Great for kids ages 6–14 (or adults β€” who are we kidding).

Price: $19.95+ per month.

8. If you've resolved to develop a hobby: New Hobby Box.

What you'll get: A handpicked kit to spark an interest in a new hobby β€” anything from lock-picking to crocheting to scrimshaw.

Price: $27.99+ per month.

9. If you've resolved to give the whole makeup thing a try: Birchbox.

What you'll get: Five deluxe samples that beauty experts swear by β€” plus, every product also comes with a how-to guide so you know just how to use it. Once you're an expert yourself, try Sample Choice, which lets you choose one of the five products in your box the following month.

Price: $10 per month.

10. If you've resolved to become a mixologist: Shaker and Spoon.

What you'll get: Three drink recipes per month and everything you need to make them, including syrups, bitters, garnishes, and fruit. Perfect for when you've given up on Drynuary.

Price: $50+ per month.

11. If you've resolved to use eco-friendly and cruelty-free products: Love Goodly.

What you'll get: A variety of eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and vegan lifestyle products you'll fall in love with.

Price: $29.95 per month.

12. If you've resolved to train for that 5K: Runner Crate.

What you'll get: A variety of cool new running gear, energizing snacks, AND running challenges to make your workouts more exciting (and earn you stuff)!

Price: $35+ per month.

13. If you've resolved to make memories: Studio Calico Documenter Scrapbooking Kit.

What you'll get: Cards, decorations, stickers, stamps, and washi tape to decorate photos and document the memories that'll last a lifetime.

Price: $25.99+ per month.

14. If you've resolved to become a boss bitch: Sparkle Hustle Grow.

What you'll get: Four-six items a month, ranging from books to office supplies, that'll help you take your career to the next level and inspire your productivity.

Price: $34.95+ per month.

15. If you've resolved to live your best organic and cruelty-free life: Honest Bundle.

What you'll get: Your choice of any five organic products from the Honest line, ranging from cleaning goods to bath products β€” you save $35% overall!

Price: $35.95 per shipment.

16. If you've resolved to become a DIY master: Darby Smart.

What you'll get: A craft box filled with everything you need to make something adorably amazing. Past kits include inkblot coasters, wood-burned cutting boards, stamped metal jewelry, and more!

Price: $19.95 per box (shipped every other month).

17. If you've resolved to travel more or try new things: Try the World.

What you'll get: A curated selection of international gourmet foods β€” try the snack box for five to ten different snacks each from a different country, the pantry box for delicious foods that'll become new kitchen staples, or the signature box, which explores a different country every month.

Price: $15+ per box.

18. If you've resolved to write more: Scribe Delivery.

What you'll get: A variety of pens, pencils, notebooks, and other fun stationery goods that will actually inspire you to put pen to paper.

Price: $29+ per month.

19. If you've resolved to get out of a clothing rut: Le Tote or Gwynnie Bee.

What you'll get: Get a box of the latest styles shipped right to your door. When you return those clothes, you get new ones β€” or you can buy them for less than retail.

Price: Try Gwynnie Bee (available in sizes 10–32) for $49+ a month and Le Tote (available in sizes 0–16 and maternity sizes) for $39 per month.

20. If you've resolved to try meal prepping: Prep Dish.

What you'll get: Meal plans, grocery lists, and instructions for a week's worth of paleo and gluten-free meals. You'll go grocery shopping ~once~ and spend only two to three hours prepping meals for the whole week! Just the meal plan (no ingredients) means you can make substitutions if you need to and doesn't waste all that unnecessary packaging.

Price: $12.41+ per month.

21. If you've resolved to cut back on your kids' screen time: Kiwi Crate.

What you'll get: Seriously cool kits that kids and teens will actually love building. Pictured above is a kit to make fiber optic constellations. There are four different subscriptions are available: Koala (ages 3–4), Kiwi (5–8), Doodle (9–16+), and Tinker (9–16+).

Price: $16.95+ per month.

22. If you've resolved to keep fresh flowers in the house: The Bouqs.

What you'll get: A weekly, monthly, or quarterly bouquet from one of five categories including farmers market and roses only.

Price: $40+ per delivery.

23. If you've resolved to have more quality time with your family: Awesome Pack.

What you'll get: A customized assortment of four to eight board games and activities you and your crew will want to play with all the time. Available in family pack (with group- and kid-friendly activities) and big-kid pack (for grown-ups).

Price: $39.99 per month.

24. If you've resolved to finally decorate your blank walls: Papirmass.

What you'll get: A unique art print in a different size (perfect for creating gallery walls) as well as information about the artist and a creative card with a fun assignment to complete.

Price: $8+ per month.

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