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    22 Things To Add To Your Closet That Our Readers Love

    Tried and beloved by BuzzFeed readers.

    Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their favorite item in their closet. Here are the shopping-inspiring results:

    1. A super comfy aviator jacket you'll want to wear every day; luckily for you, it goes with eVeRyThInG.

    "Super soft! I told my husband I want to be buried in it." —Megan Brown, Facebook

    Get it from Target for $39.99. / Sizes: S-XXL

    2. A good-for-your-feet pair of wedges that will make people say... "Wait, THOSE are Crocs?!"

    "They're sleek and retro, but they're Crocs so they are super comfy. They look like regular wedges, so I can dress them up or down. —Amber Ansley, Facebook

    Get them from Amazon for $34.99+. / Sizes: 5-10 / Available in six colors.

    3. Perfectly-slouchy joggers with cute mesh inserts for anyone who is tired of sacrificing comfort in their daily wear.

    "I work in an industrial plant with no dress code beyond 'are you covered without posing a safety hazard,' and I always wore jeans to work because tough denim seemed logical around machinery. Last year, I started getting some hip and knee pain, so I converted to joggers. I don't have skinny legs, so I always thought they looked ridiculous on me, but they're SO comfy. And these ones from Walmart have huge pockets. They're loose in the knee and hip so I don't have compression or bulky bunching issues. I had to buy a couple extra pairs because I kept finding myself wanting to wear my work pants on my days off!" —Angelica Pendleton, Facebook

    Get them from Walmart for $8.50+. / Sizes: S-XL / Available in four colors.

    4. A pair of legging jeans that hug comfortably without sagging, stretching out, or tearing. 🙌

    "I'm plus-sized, and I've had trouble with jeans for like my whole life. They either get saggy really fast (even the skinny jeans!), or they're made of crappy material and start to rub away at the inseam until they just rip one day (of course when I'm tryna be cute). Then I discovered Torrid Jeggings. They have like EVERY color under the rainbow, they have REAL front pockets, and they never sag, wear out unnaturally fast, or even lose color after several washings. I wear them basically every day because they're nice enough for work and look fly AF." —Mary Elizabeth Chambliss, Facebook

    "They're high rise skinny jeans made with a spandex and cotton blend. They don't sound comfortable, I know...but these jeans are insanely comfy. Super casual, while looking like you put a bit of effort into your outfit. Plus, Torrid has them both cropped and in shorts with a ton of different colors. I have five to six different pairs in my closet." —Alexandra Kohr

    Get the light wash from Torrid for $64.90. / Sizes: 10-30. / Check out all the available colors here.

    5. A multi-pack of Hanes tagless tees for effortless pairing with comfy jeans, fancy skirts, and more.

    "I'm a long time fan of Hanes men's tagless v-neck undershirts. They're flattering and super versatile. They last forever. Even if they didn't, they're so cheap, it's never a problem to replace them." —acshaw15

    Get a six-pack from Amazon for $14.98+. / Sizes: S-4X

    6. Statement-making jeans that'll basically turn you into the chicest new exhibit at MoMA.

    "They're comfy, high quality, high-waisted, super unique, and super cute! I get compliments on them every time I wear them and the embroidery jazzes up any outfit. I LOVE THEM!!" —gabygay

    Get them from The Style Club for $49. / Sizes: XS-L

    7. A pair of round sunnies to protect your 👀 from the sun while looking cool as hell.

    "What really gets any style poppin' is my sunglasses! Without them I have a style; with them I AM a style!" —lorvikk

    Get a similar pair of (polarized!) sunglasses from Amazon for $10.99. / Available in four colors.

    8. A skater LBD for anyone who wants to channel Audrey Hepburn, but also likes being actually comfortable.

    "I got this dress from Target. It's a plain black skater dress. I love it 'cause I can dress it up or down and it's so freaking comfy. I wear it like once a week."

    Annie K.

    Get it from Target for $22.99. / Sizes: XS-XL / Also available in pink.

    9. Classic Doc Martens that'll last ~forever~ (even if you wear them every day, which you totally will).

    "Definitely a little pricey, but this was a rare treat for myself after pining for a pair for the last several years. They go with basically everything I own, and if you treat them right they'll last you for years." —jupitersreject

    "I have a physical disability that put me in a wheelchair, and I cannot wear stylish flats or heels. Because, for some reason, people always stare at your legs and feet when you're in a chair, I bought multiple pairs of Doc Martens, because they're so comfortable and stylish. The print is so fun and gorgeous — gold and white birds, eating tiny pink strawberries from curling royal blue and rich green vines. They're simply stunning shoes. Now the stares at my legs turn into smiles and cries of "WHERE did you get those SHOES?" Total win." —Tatiana Philip-Thérèse Federoff, Facebook

    Get them from Amazon for $97.14+. / Sizes: 5-12 / (The limited edition pair Tatiana has is no longer available, but Doc Marten makes plenty of other cool patterns to check out!)

    10. Cotton and spandex leggings at a price point that's so reasonable, you almost have to buy them in every color.

    "They are frickin' $4 and so comfortable!" —scurcio

    Get them from Forever 21 for $3.90. / Sizes: XS-L (sizes 0X-2X here) / Available in eight colors.

    11. A super soft tee you'll feel good about wearing — both because it's crazy comfy and because it's ethically-made.

    "My favorites are usually comfy tees you can match with jackets and blazers. This is my favorite new tee from Freecoast Co. It's super soft! Plus it's made in the USA. <3 it!" —cleanfashion

    Get it from Freecoast Co. for $26.99. / Sizes: S-XL

    12. A boyfriend button-up in a perfectly-relaxed fit to keep you cool and looking breezy.

    The light fabric and airy cut is great for layering and tucking.

    Submitted by atthemomentnecessarystuff

    Get the white version from Old Navy for $15. / Sizes: XS-XL (sizes 1X-4X here) / Check out all the color and size options here.

    13. A pair of high-rise jeans that'll take your style sky high.

    "I bought the Kimomo Monki Jeans off ASOS after seeing on a fashion blog that they're the same pair of jeans Noora from Skam wears, and they're my absolute favorite. They make me feel like I'm a hip Norwegian teenager." —Karina A.

    Get them from Asos for $61. / Sizes: 24-32 / Check out all four washes available here.

    14. A bodysuit for anyone who says "fuck!" when their top becomes untucked.

    "I always like shirts to be tucked in but with a bodysuit you don't have to worry about it untucking." —sugarplum111

    Get this one with the off-the-shoulder ruffle from Amazon for $9.99+. / Sizes: S-XXL / Available in long- and short-sleeve and 19 colors.

    15. Distressed jeans with a bit of spandex in them so they stretch with you — not against you.

    "I bought these Indigo Rein jeans about a year ago and they still remain my favorite jeans. The brand is absolutely fabulous, comfortable, stretchy, and of course soft. They still are my go-to jeans." —rewc

    Get them from Amazon for $24. / Sizes: 3-11 / Also available in a light wash.

    16. An athleisure jacket cute enough to wear to wayyy more than just your workout class.

    "The jacket is expensive, but it is hands-down the best money I've ever spent. Not only does it go with practically everything, but the fabric is breathable and still keeps me warm if I'm cold. The jacket is extremely flattering so I can wear it out to dinner with friends, to work out, at work where I manage at a giant sports bar, or just running errands. The main reason I love this jacket is I wear it multiple times a week and wash it all the time and it has never once lost its shape, the fabric still looks brand new, and you'd never know that I've had it for almost two years. When I buy something, I want it to last, and this jacket was built to last and was worth every penny! I now have three and my friends are always trying to borrow them when I'm not wearing them!


    Get it from Lululemon for $118. / Sizes: 2-12 / Available in 10 colors.

    17. Seamless undies that disappear under your clothes (and are comfy enough to forget you're wearing them.)

    Because they come in seven colors, you can find the one that's perfect for you.

    Submited by juliel4bf774d26.

    Get them from Amazon for $13.50+. / Sizes: S-2X

    18. A knit jacket with the feel of a sweater but the look of a blazer for perfect at-work comfort.

    "I have a blazer-style sweater that I've had for years. It's my favorite item of clothing because it's versatile and sooo comfy. I'm never getting rid of it." —brockhd

    Get this one from Nordstrom for $58.90 (on sale from $79.50). / Sizes: XS-XL (also available in petite sizes) / Available in eight colors.

    19. A wool coat with deeeeeep pockets to keep your hands toasty warm and your phone nice and secure.

    "The wool chore coat has the deepest, most amazing pockets of any coat on the planet. They're set so that you can totally bury your gloved hands inside when it's cold without pushing up the sleeves to expose your wrists. They're also double pockets: the deep, open ones are set with an outer button-flap pocket so you can keep valuables handy without worrying they'll slip out if your coat flops off the coat rack onto the floor." —Erica Marle Lawler, Facebook

    Get it from Amazon for $161+ or Stormy Kromer for $179.99. / Sizes: S-XXL / Available in red (pictured), black, and blue plaid.

    20. Athletic leggings with bright seaming down the sides to add a pop of fun.

    "I have two pairs of these black spandex-ish pants that are my absolute favorite. They have a nice wide waistband and sleek running seams down the sides. I wear them almost all the time. I got them at Sam's Club. But I love them so much!" —Sarah M.

    Get these ones from Sam's Club for $19.98. / Sizes: 1X-3X. / Available in pink accent (pictured), yellow accent, and all black.

    21. Dark wash jeggings you can just pull on — no buttoning or zipping required!,

    "They are insanely soft and stretchy. I won't wear any other jeans." —britanyp

    Get them from Maurice's for $34 (straight sizes) or $39 (plus sizes). / Sizes XXS-L (short, regular or long) and 14-28 (regular only).

    22. And of course a plush pullover with a hood that looks like a cute animal – it's so warm and cozy, you could say it has zero chill.

    "They're plush pullovers with a hood, and the hood has a face of an animal (I have the panda and polar bear)." —Nalia Warren, Facebook

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99.

    You, right now:


    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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