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    39 Pieces Of Office-Appropriate Clothing That Are Still Stylish

    Show some personality during your 9-to-5.

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    1. A little black dress with scalloped detailing and a lace collar for a ladylike twist on your weekly Wednesday Addams look.

    2. A crepe duster coat to amp up the drama while helping you layer, since you're never sure what temperature Debbie set the thermostat to.

    3. Menswear-inspired plaid pants with an elastic waist that'll stay flexible with you during your hectic 18-hour work days.

    4. An abstract polkadot midi dress to make your office feel more like an art gallery.

    5. A statement blazer (in plaid or a grid-print for example) for business bish looks, even when just paired with your favorite leggings.

    6. A BCBG lace-paneled blouse that'll look equally cute out to drinks with your friends AFTER work, too!

    7. A lightweight but polished dress for when you want to look put-together but don't want to sweat your butt off on your way in.

    8. An embossed faux leather pencil skirt so you can ~knit together~ your edgy look in no time flat on those mornings you just can't decide what to wear.

    9. A flutter-sleeve dress you'll get so much use out of, you won't believe it. Wear it to work, out to dinner, to your 85th wedding this year, and mooooore. Talk about a hard worker!

    10. Stretchy pinstripe pants masquerading as tailored trousers; you can just pull 'em on and head out the door. Outfit complete!

    11. A cape blazer, because you didn't know you needed to dramatically sweep into and out of those meetings that totally could have been an email. But you do.

    12. A chambray shirtdress for those days you really wish you could wear jeans — this baby is just as effortless!

    13. Cropped ruffle-hem stretchy pants, because traditional trousers simply don't ~suit~ you at all.

    14. A perfectly tuckable and breezy smock top with ladder lace detailing that's perfect for climbing that career ~ladder~!

    15. A vintage-inspired swing dress so you can channel I'm-a-badass-at-my-job Peggy Olson vibes.

    16. A cropped peplum blazer that won't ~ruffle~ any feathers around the office — this chic detail help you stay sophisticated while showing off your personality.

    17. A simple black top with embroidered bell sleeves so you'll have plenty of room for tricks up them.

    18. A relaxed-fit jumpsuit you can layer over a tee or blouse, or under a sweater or blazer. Spring-into-summer dressing just got way easier.

    19. A button-down floral dress to make compiling your expense reports feel like a garden party.

    20. A sleeveless LBD with knotted detailing at the waist, because you're great at tying up loose ends. They call you the closer for a reason.

    21. Dramatic wide-leg trousers you can wear with sweaters, blouses, or tees and tell unproductive days to "TUCK OFF!"

    22. Or a pair of wide-leg pants that'll look like a cool abstract print from afar — but when you get up close, what's that? CATS.

    23. A textured mini dress with a waist tie to make getting dressed on dark mornings (ugh why am I up this early?) a ~cinch~.

    24. A pair of high-waisted black jeggings for the perfect casual Friday option you don't have to worry about gapping in the back. Why? These bbs are designed with a hips/thighs-to-waist ratio that's MADE FOR CURVES.

    25. A ribbed pinafore dress that'll make layering a breeze. Pop on your favorite white oxford or cozy sweater, toss this dress on top, accessorize, and GO.

    26. A pretty in pink shirt dress to match the look on your face when the 47th person in one day compliments your outfit — blush much?

    27. A sleeveless chiffon blouse you can wear now under a sweater or blazer and all summer as-is to show off you professional side *and* personality at the same time.

    28. A tie-waist midi jumpsuit so you won't have to ~pink~ twice before deciding what to wear to That Big Meeting.

    29. A layered, ruffle-bottomed top to add some pep(lum) to your step.

    30. A voluminous, tiered mini dress that'll say, "Yeah I'm basically too cool to work here. You're lucky to have me."

    31. An A-line midi skirt complete with buttons down the front — blouses shouldn't get ALL the fun.

    32. A chiffon blouse with a contrast tie neck that'll be classic without being boring.

    33. A ruffle-sleeve faux suede top that'll give your favorite black pants a serious dose of style.

    34. A jacquard blazer with a gorgeous pattern that'll catch the light for an expensive-looking effect.

    35. Paper bag waist–style cropped trousers, because one glance at these babies and you'll never forget to bring your bagged lunch, either!

    36. A cropped printed jumpsuit so you can blend right in — you are a ~corporate star~ after all.

    37. A pleated chiffon midi skirt that'll might get you an HR complaint for humming "I Feel Pretty" under your breath all day.

    38. A boyfriend-style blazer with patch pockets to hold your stuff *and* help you layer effortlessly, whether you're wearing a dress, dress pants, or looking for something to wear over your leggings.

    39. A classic and lightweight pair of office-friendly slacks you'll want to stock up on — these make those "how many times did I hit the snooze button??" mornings so much easier.

    ~Work it~ while you work!

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